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1. The cardician has the four Aces palmed in his right hand while the spectator is shuffling the pack.

2. The spectator places the deck on the table after which the performer, using his left hand, moves the pack in front of himself. The pack is moved so that the end of the pack faces the performer rather than the long side.

3. During the movements of the left hand, the right hand, with its palmed cards, has been resting with fingertips on the back edge of the table. The left hand now assumes the same position on the left side of the table.

4. The spectator is asked to cut the pack and to complete it.

5. Upon completion of the cut, the deck will not be perfectly square; therefore, the cardician squares it with both hands in the following manner: The third and fourth fingers of both hands are curled slightly inwards towards the palms. The second fingers, of both hands, move in along the sides of the deck while the forefingers ride along the top edges. The position of both hands plus the pack is shown in Figure 35.

Figure 35

Both thumbs are at the inside end of the pack. The squaring movement is started at the outer end of the pack and terminates at the inner end of the pack.

6. Immediately after the square-up, the right hand scoops up the cards adding the palmed cards at the same time.

7. The pack, after being picked up, is squared with both hands in the standard square-up position. See Figure 32. The next two replacements again make use of the Basic Replacement Move.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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