Adjustment Misdirection

In this case the top card can be Angle Palmed as follows: Toss a card face down in front of the deck. Now the right hand reaches across deck to more or less adjust the position of the face down card. In the meantime, the right hand is in position to Angle Palm the top card. This action is similar to that shown in Miracle Card Changes, Figure 15. Here the same action used to unload a card is used to steal a card.

Observations may be in order here on the Angle Palm Steal. Several mentions have been made of moving the right thumb against right forefinger in order to Flat Palm the card. This is only possible if the upper right corner of the Angle Palmed card starts from the third joint of right fourth finger. That is, the card is more forward to the fingers as in Figure 19 which shows a left side view.

Some will find it easier to not only do the Steal but also to get into a Flat Palm Position by doing the Angle Palm Steal using the ball of the right thumb, as in Figure 20.

Figure 19

This is done as if Flat Palm Stealing the card but actually retaining it in Angle Palm Position. Because the ball of the right thumb is already on the left side of the card, it is a simple matter to move the right thumb against the right forefinger and end with the card Flat Palmed as in Figure 11 of the Flat Palm Steal.

Figure 20

Stealing with the ball of the right thumb is also easier when stealing cards from the left hand as per Figure 18. Using the ball of the right thumb during an Angle Steal is also easier in the effect Ten and Ten.

It again must be pointed out that when stealing or holding a card against the base of the palm with the ball of the right thumb at its center, the length of the card will extend from the first joint of the right fourth finger and into the hands towards the wrist along that line formed by the fourth finger. It also must be remembered that in these cases the right fingers remain close together and not open as when the card is further back as, say, in an effect like Rise-Rise-Rise.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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