Added Note For Faro Fooler

At Step you have to Double Cut the top card to the bottom in order to bring the two selections to 25th and 26th from the top. On several occasions I have found that this simple proceedure was completely forgotten with the effect resulting in failure; therefore, if one adopts the following proceedure he need never bother to Double Cut at all.

In doing the 13 Card Faro Check do not pick up the extra card for the second packet. Instead, the two outside packets will both contain 13 cards while the center section will have twenty six.

Follow the exact proceedure of selection as per Faro Fooler #9, Steps 7 through 9.

3. At this stage, the 1st selection will be 14th from the bottom while the second selection will be 13th from the top.

4. At this point, you have two alternatives open with the remaining 26 cards. One, you can do a 13 card Faro Check. Or Two, note the bottom card, overhand run shuffle 13 cards from top to bottom, then throw the rest of the cards onto them. Cut at the noted card to give you two packets of 13 cards each.

5. In either case, you end up, very quickly, with four packets of cards with 13 cards in each packet.

6. Have a spectator pick up the first packet and have him shuffle it, then replace it to the table.

7. Have him pick up any of the other three packets, shuffle it, note the bot-torn card and then drop this packet onto the first packet he shuffled.

8. Have two other spectators pick up the other two packets. Each shuffles his packet, then notes the bottom card after which their packets are dropped onto the first two assembled.

9. After the the selected cards, unknown to spectators, are in 13, 26 and 39th positions.

10. Pick up the deck and give it two perfect In Faro Shuffles. This brings all three cards to the bottom of the deck.

11. Thumb count or Buckle Count the bottom three cards and get a break above them. Double Cut the three bottom cards to the top.

12. The three selections are now on top of the deck in the order of their selection and returned to the performer. It is up to the performer to disclose them in various ways. Even if these disclosures are standard and well known, they will be most effective in this case, due to the seemingly impossible method of control.

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