Ace Assembly Variation

This may be used for the last Ace in an assembly. The Count Cop and Transfer is here used to steal an odd card out of the leader packet which has five cards. These are from top to face — Ace-Ace-any card-Ace.

1. Hold the packet face up in the left hand.

2. Count the first two cards, without reversing their order, into the right hand.

Figure 12

The bottom card of the two is taken into the Count Cop position.

3. The third card goes on top of those in the right hand.

4. Last card is snapped and slid onto those in right hand during which action the right fingers buckle the bottom indifferent card.

5. The left hand takes the whole packet from the right hand, with the exception of the buckled card, and lays it face down on the table to the left.

6. The right hand with the palmed card turns palm down and immediately adds the palmed card to one of the other packets, preferably one to the right, in the action of picking it up.

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