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Almost all texts avoid the question of noise, especially that in a Second Deal. Before one can avoid noise one must know what causes it.

First: The pressure point of the left thumb on the deck has a lot to do with noise. If the thumb is at the upper front end of the deck there will be more noise because the under card has to pass the pressure point for a longer distance. On the other hand if the thumb is nearer to the upper left corner there will be less noise as it comes free of this pressure point sooner.

Second: Overly heavy pressure of the thumb on top of the deck will cause noise. A light touch, just enough to keep top card under control, will result to less noise.

Third: Without realizing it the dealer is apt to remove the second in a slight ly upward direction, so that the second card brushes against the left fingertips at the side of the deck. In this case there will be a very distinct and noticeable difference in the amount of sound.

Fourth: Magicians are apt to be most conscious of noise because they do not use Seconds in the way a cheat does in a game. As a Magician he is apt to deal a larger amount of successive seconds in any given effect, such as a count down or Stop effect, as compared to a card cheat who may only have to deal two at the most in any given round of hands. The solution then seems to be to avoid any effects which call for an unusual amount of successive Second Deals in order to arrive at a result.

Fifth: In the event that you are overly sensitive to the noise but can't eliminate it to your satisfaction then the only course is not to eliminate it but to put it in. This means that you must practice getting a noise in the top card as you take it so that it more or less conforms to the noise you may make with a Second or Bottom Deal.

At all costs acquire the habit of keeping the dealing thumb always close to the deck. Avoid lifting the thumb when dealing fairly as it then becomes obvious, to the expert observer, when you do a false deal, as then the thumb stays close to deck in order to retain the top card.

Incidentally, it is possible to deal false or fair and retain the normal lift action of the dealing thumb at all times. The thumb must be lifted immediately as the false deal is started just as if it were a top card taken The thumb raises as the right hand takes off the card, the thumb falls onto the next card in order to push it off, etc., timing the action so it is the same when a false deal is made.

using the Raised Thumb technique, without any swinging of the hands, you have an excellent chance of deceiving even an expert.

There is, however, less control of the deck using the Raised Thumb technique. That is why I have advised the Close to Deck technique at all times as it permits greater use in all types of deals. The Two Card Push-Off seems to have the Raised Thumb action as an inherent part of its deal because the thumb has to raise very slightly and then press down again in order to engage the second card.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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