Mario Miracle

"A Mario Miracle usually means only one thing - the best in cards. The reader can consider himself fortunate for getting this brilliant conception.

A card which has been selected is found to have vanished leaving only fifty one cards. The pack is next wrapped in a piece of paper after which a knife is inserted into the pack. When the paper is torn away it is found that the knife has discovered the selected card. The card is actually in the pack. It is neither at top or bottom. There are no crimps of any sort used yet the knife finds the card.

Before giving the secret, I wish to state that I have seen Ed Mario do this effect dozens of times and never has he failed in arriving at its successful conclusion.

Begin by noting the bottom card of the pack. Have a card selected. Undercut the pack as you ask for the return of the card, thus you bring the key directly over the chosen card. Square the pack carefully. Tell the spectator he is to watch for his card and note into what position it falls as you count them.

Deal the cards face up, counting them as you do so. Continue until your key card shows. When the key card shows, push off the next two cards as one, dealing them face up as one but remember at what number these two have fallen. As an example, let us say the count was sixteen. Continue dealing when you will naturally end up with a count of fifty-one. Turn to your audience and remark, "Fifty one, then your card must be gone." Casually pick up the pack and shuffle, from the face of the deck to the top, enough cards to bring the noted number to twenty-six. In this case the remembered number is sixteen; therefore, you would run on ten cards.

Wrap the pack in paper tightly so that the paper is stretched over the pack. Use a small pen knife and insert it into the exact center which should be about twenty six. Tear the paper away and the card will be either above or below the knife.

At times Mr. Mario has two cards selected making them both vanish, by use of a triple push-off, after the key is spotted. The same procedure is gone through of bringing the number up to twenty six. The knife is run into the paper and the cards are discovered one on each side of the knife."

At the end of this effect Joe Berg made the following notation, "The routine may be varied using the same clever principle for the finish." This stab effect is the 11th effect of 13 in the manuscript of 26 pages.

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