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In Effect. A spectator selects two cards. Then takes the deck in his own hands, inserts the cards himself, shuffles to any extent. and returns deck to performer who produces the selected cards instantly.

Sleights. Force and Palm.

Execution. Secretly place Five of Diamonds and Four of Hearts, at top or bottom of deck, and Four of Diamonds and Five of Hearts, in middle. Force the two middle cards on spectator, palm the other two when closing deck, and immediately hand the pack to spectator, telling him to insert the drawn cards and shuffle. Give him as little time as possible to meditate on his selection, as the trick is based on the similarity of the forced cards and the palmed ones. When the deck is returned, finish the trick as desired, and when producing the two palmed cards, boldly proclaim them as the ones drawn. If the trick be performed properly, not one in fifty will discover the imposition unless in the secret. The difference between the cards forced, and the cards produced is so little remarkable that it is seldom or never detected. The Sevens and Eights, or the Deuces and Trays, or any two pairs of the spot cards of the same color, would probably answer as well.

The performer may engage to cause the selected cards to appear together at top, or bottom, or middle of deck, at the option of the company, and shift the palmed cards to such position as decided upon; or he may "Pass" the cards under some object on the table, or to the pocket of a spectator, in which latter events he will have secretly placed the cards there beforehand instead of on top or bottom of deck.

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