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Many of the newer memorized deck systems are lauded because they contain built-in effects such as Poker demonstrations, spelling effects, etc. Although I have great respect for these stacks, I have already stated my viewpoint concerning what I believe is necessary and what is not. With that said, I am reluctantly offering this routine with the Breakthrough Card System. I say, reluctantly, because I do not want the merits of the system to be based on the following routine or anything similar. The Breakthrough Card System is remarkable for what it is and that is enough. Still, what follows can be a powerful tool to have at your disposal. It is integral in the system.

The Poker Demonstration is offered as a companion effect to the Blackjack Demonstration. It is similar in that it is meant to be done at the end of the night and built into an incredible closer! The Blackjack Demonstration was designed to look just like a real demonstration of a single-deck version of that game and is what gives it its strength. The Poker Demonstration, likewise, is meant to look exactly like a real game of Draw Poker. It does not come across as contrived and has a feeling of complete fairness. Still, the incredible climax is all that you could want from such a routine.

Once again, because of the randomness of the BCS, it follows that any ingrained effects will also look like the legitimate thing. This game of Poker has all the little nuances that happen so often in real Poker and yet the unexpectedness of a dazzling finish. Like the Poker game in the classic movie, The Sting, this routine has everything you could want.

What makes this Poker Demonstration so powerful is that it really is a game of Draw Poker. Each player can stay or toss in his cards and each can draw as many cards as he likes. The dealer discards three cards during the draw and the cards dealt to him are determined by the other's play. That he can still win seems incredible!

Two versions for the routine are offered. The first is totally self-working while the second incorporates some traditional card artifice that makes it look even better!

It is being released here for the first time.

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