I have to be honest and tell you I cannot remember when I first thought up this effect. I have no idea no matter how much I search my memory. (Harry - help me!)

I do remember doing it many times, one year, in hospitality suites in Canada. The president of the company I was working for was completely taken aback by my work. After our own hospitality suite closed down, he dragged me around all the other hospitality suites in our hotel! I remember having 4 BCS stacked decks in my small case and I went through all of them before we finished. Each time, I would make a big deal of clearing off a table and gathering everyone around for the demo. It killed all night long!

You can expect that there will be people who will really want to take you to the Casino after you do this routine. A year later, after the above happened, I was almost forced to go with a group to a casino on a riverboat and play Blackjack for them! Luckily, everything worked out well and I came out a winner, even if everyone else didn't!

I already mentioned this earlier, but I have to say this again. If you were a newcomer to magic and read only the comments on the Internet forums, you would be led to believe that entirely different effects are the strongest you can do in card work. Again, the leader these days seems to be Any Card at Any Number. That is constantly mentioned as the ultimate card miracle and the greatest achievement possible with a deck. Well, people have a right to think what they want, but I know the truth. There is nothing better for a lay audience than giving the impression you can win at gambling! That shows value and not just something that is clever. A good Poker demonstration is wonderful, and I know a great one, but I still prefer the Black jack Demonstration. For a mentalist, it is the epitome since it involves brain work rather than card slinging. That also seems to appeal to the greatest number of gamblers who understand all the intricacies of the game.

The Blackjack Demonstration also has the advantage of looking just like a real game of Blackjack played with a single deck. Unlike some gambling demonstrations which might stretch just how a particular game is played, this is the way people play Blackjack in their homes and the way it was played in Casinos before the shoe and multiple decks came into being. It is fun and challenging to do and always comes out a different way. If you can think far enough ahead, you can do some profound things. I have had instances where I have had two people stand on hands like a 7 or 10, knowing that would later cause the dealer to bust! It is so gratifying to hear people saying things like, "What, are you crazy?" only to show them you knew what you were doing all along.

This is a wonderful routine! Please do it justice! Oh, and yes, I know what you're wondering. I really was banned from two Casinos!

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