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I have been privileged to gain the confidence of a few little-known card cheats. Naturally they prefer to remain anonymous. One such artisan taught me a few deck switches which are still being done by the hustler. I have seen gamblers "switching in a cooler", from time to time. These are all good methods for the magician who needs to get his pre-arranged pack or get rid of one. The back designs of both decks must be identical. Do not use this as a nourish or an exposition.

The deck to be switched is in the left jacket pocket, the back resting against your body. The right hand offers the deck to the spectator for a shuffle. This provides the misdirection for the move of the left hand going to the pocket. You can return a pack of matches. Once inside the pocket, the left hand picks up the deck and brings it out face down in dealing position.


This is done below the table level. Without hesitation, bring the left thumb to the edge of the table where it will rest for a moment.

The right hand now grips the shuffled deck or the table so that the thumb is at the base of the deck fingers at the opposite end. The deck is lifted and brought back to the left hand.

The next action takes only a second to perform, but must be done neatly and without panic. The deck in the right hand is placed squarely on top of the left hand deck just at the table level. The left hand holds a break between the two decks.

The top deck is showing slightly above the table, the second dcck below the table. The left hand tilts back and dumps the top deck into the lap.

The right hand brings the deck forward onto the table and squares it by moving the cards to the right and left and then up and down.

At an opportune moment you can get the lapped cards back into the jacket pocket under the guise of lighting a cigarette, moving your chair, replacing a cigarette lighter, etc.

This method is similar to the first. The deck is removed from the pocket in the same manner as before, but it is held so that the fingers envelop the top section of the deck. The hand is removed from the pocket in a fist.

The "cooier" is turned face up with the left index finger resting on the edge of the table as shown.

The right hand takes the deck off the table, sliding it toward the left band. The left hand turns to the left as the deck approaches the edge of the table.

The right hand cards are brought off the table. As the top section reaches the edge, the left thumb pushes it backwards and the top deck is propelled to the lap. The left hand comes forward with its deck, which is squared by both hands.

In this version the deck to be switched is in the right i u kcI pocket with the faces toward the body. At the right moment the deck is brought from the pocket and placed on I lie lap. The deck on the table is shuffled by the sped a tor. As he shuffles, the right hand picks up the lapped cards and grips them face up as shown.

The thumb and little finger hold the deck in position. I lie right and left hands both come up and rest on the table for a moment. The left hand overlaps the right so that ¡1 offers perfect "shade" or cover for the "cooler".

Figure 2 shows the position of the right hand as it approaches the table.

Both hands are brought up and over the tabled deck.

Figure 4 is exaggerated to show how the cards are held as they come over the old deck.

Figure 4 is exaggerated to show how the cards are held as they come over the old deck.

With a scooping motion, pull both hands back toward the edge of the table. The table dcck will fall to the lap as you come back. The right hand places the "cooler" into the left hand in dealing position, where it is squared and moved forward on the tabic.

The three methods described work beautifully, but you must use proper timing and plenty of practice. It is well worth the effort.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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