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This one is for a quick gambling demonstration. We will assume that you have mastered a passable "bottom deal".

Stack a Royal Flush on top of the deck and place the pack in its case. Talk about gamblers and crooked games and then volunteer a demonstration. Open the flap of the case and take the deck out with the left hand. Place the case in front of you on the table. Spread the cards and close the spread again, getting a break under the five card stack.

Here's the important subtlety. Pick up the card case and place it on top of the deck for a moment. With the right hand brush the table in front of you as though clearing a few specks of dust. Replace the card case on the table in front of you, along with the five cards above the break. This is done casually, but slowly enough to prevent the block of cards from spreading. The case is on the table, secretly hiding the five cards. At the same time, you hand the deck to the spectator with your left hand. Request that he shuffle the pack.

After he places the deck on the table, pick it up with your right hand. The thumb is at the rear, index finger on tup center, and fingers in front of the pack. Bring the deck hack alongside of the case. The right pinky kicks the case away to the right as the deck is placed on the five hidden cards. The misdirection is perfect. The right hand picks up the deck and places it in the left hand. The right hand deliberately picks up the case and places it aside and out of the way.

You are now ready to deal as many hands as called, using the stack on the bottom and a standard bottom deal. In the event that you do not want to use the bottom deal, you can double cut or shuffle the stack to the top and Faro shuffle for a two or four hand stack. It is most effective, however, if you do not shuffle the cards at all after the spectator has handled them.

This idea originally came from Covari, a Hungarian magician. It will fool the most knowledgeable card performers when done well.

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