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(Father Cyprian)

The "Magician Versus the Gambler" has been around for a long time. Father Cyprian worked with a Lorayne routine and added his "lever switch" and some changes and came up with this entertaining and easy-to-perform routine. I'm pleased to have it in this book.

Stack the deck, from top down: Ace, Six, Ace, Six, Ace, Six, Ace of Spades, Six, Ten of Spades, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades.

"Two Gamblers at a bar were discussing their ability with cards."

1. Swing cut the upper half of the deck into the left hand and place it under the other half, but keep a break between the two halves with the right thumb. Double undercut up to the break, bringing the set-up back to the top of the deck.

"The first Gambler boasted: 7 can cut to four of a kind'."

2. Double lift to show a Six.Turn down the double and deal the top card (Ace) to the table.

3. Double cut the top card (Six) to the bottom of the deck. Double lift to show the second Six. Turn it down and deal the top card onto the tabled card. Double cut the top card to the bottom.

4. Repeat step 3 twice more to show the remaining Sixes.

5. When the fourth card has been dealt to the table, slip cut the top card (a Six) to the center of the deck and get a break under the top four cards of the deck (Ten — King of Spades). You have plenty of time to do this as you ad lib about the gamblers' talents with the cards. Hold the break with the left little finger.

"The second Gambler replied, 'Not bad, but I'd prefer four of these'. " Turn the tabled cards face up to expose the Aces.

6. Scoop up the tabled cards with the right hand and square them up on the deck, adding the cards above the break. The right hand takes the Aces (and the four face down cards under them) from above - thumb at inner corner and fingers at the outer end, forefinger curled on top. (The second Gambler names each Ace as it is shown.)

7. The left thumb peels the first Ace onto the deck, but outjogged about half its length. It is named, pushed to the right, and flipped face down with the aid of the Ace packet.

IMPORTANT: keep the Ace outjogged. Bring the Ace packet over the outjogged Ace and, with the outer end of the packet, press down on the outer end of the face down Ace,

It will be levered up under the Ace packet and its inner end will hit the right thumb and form a slight break which the right thumb maintains. The entire packet may be squared by drawing its left edge along the left thumb. If this move is done properly, the Ace packet is at a 45° angle over the deck.

8. Repeat step 7 for the second and third Aces. On the third Ace, however, when the squaring action takes place, the right thumb releases the three Aces onto the deck when the packet is slid back for squaring.

9. The final Ace (Spades) is peeled off, named, flipped face down and levered up under the packet.

10. "The Gamblers applauded each other, but one of them noticed a Magician. " Gesture with the right hand and flash the Ace of Spades as you point to "the magician sitting quietly over there in the corner. " Let the forefinger and little finger straddle the sides of the packet and hold it so that the thumb can be moved from the end of the packct in preparation for fanning the packet. Fan the packet and turn it face up to show the Royal Flush.

"And the Magician beat the gamblers at their own game,"

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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