Lota Pot Water Trick

Produced by Martin Duffy

Available from Martin Breese International. www.abracadabra.co.uk Price: £55.00

What's only 4 inches in height, looks great and holds more liquid than you could possibly imagine? No it's not magicseen favourite Pete Firman, it's Martin Breese's latest product - The Lota Pot.

Over the years, there have been many variations of the Lota Pot - all different shapes and sizes, and all made from various materials such as metal, glass and plastic.

For all you readers out there who are unfamiliar with the Lota Pot, here's the basic idea.

An ordinary looking vessel is shown to be full of liquid. This is poured out until the pot is shown to be empty. However, the pot can instantly be shown as full once again. This can be repeated over and over again.

Many performers who use a version of a Lota Pot in their acts tend to show the pot earlier on in their set and then keep referring back to it again and again throughout their other routines.

This is an amazing Lota Pot which has been handcrafted to perfection by a potter.

This fantastic little prop once filled with water can be shown to pour out an astounding amount of water. I think I managed to get approximately 7 loads of water from the one I have for review.

The mechanics to the Lota Pot couldn't be easier. I can honestly say that if you can't manage to get the hang of this, then magic's just not right for you. However, like any other magic prop, the real magic is in how it it presented.

Martin Duffy, who based this pot on Mary Tomich's version, has provided the instructions which include two brilliant routines: one by the famous bizarre magician, Mary Tomich and the other by Christian Chelman. Both are certainly worth a looking at.

The neat thing about this version of the Lota Pot is its size. At only 4" in height, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand (unless you only have 3" hands of course!) and would easily pass as an ordinary ceramic vase.

All in all, there's nothing NOT to like about this. Good job guys! PS

WHAT'S HOT: Easy to use, Looks great.

WHAT'S NOT: I have to send the one I have back now the review's done! STAR RATING: ★***

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    How magician pours water from one pot again and again?
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