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As readers will know we love to have a laugh here in the magicseen offices, but this month we're having about 200! Introducing our great comedy issue which is full of stuff to tickle your funny bone and mangle you with merriment and mirth! To set the tone for issue 16 we enlisted the help of some of magic's top funny people to provide us with a large number of their best lines, and we are really grateful to Noel Qualter, Noel Britten, John Archer, Pete Firman, Wayne Dobson and others for their assistance with all the funny stuff. Laugh? We almost paid them!

The cover star this issue is the amazing Juliana Chen. The last three issues have all featured stars from overseas starting with Luis de Matos from Portugal in issue 14, followed by David Stone from France in issue 15, and now we are pleased to feature the World's leading lady magician, who hails from China. Other luminaries who were strapped to a chair and forced to talk to us include actor John Thomson and Radio 1's favourite magician Chris Cox.

We also have another of our features on magic from overseas as we present The Magic In Germany. Prepared by enthusiastic amateur German magician Henning Koehlert, we learn about how the magic scene is in Deutschland plus get some Masterclass German - style magic to learn too!

As Editor you no doubt imagine that I have all the power when it comes to selecting the material for magicseen, but the truth is that Deputy Editor Graham Hey is the genius behind much of what you see in the magazine each time. So, sometimes there are items which are as much a surprise to me as they are to you. One such item is

Graham Jolley's Anger Management Page - nope, absolutely no idea what that's all about but I'll race you to the page now to find out as it's bound to be fun!

September is the month when the magic world starts to awaken from its summer slumber as people return from holidays and things get back to some semblance of normality, and so issue 16 also has the usual mix of news, reviews and other features to get you back into the mood for the longer Autumn and Winter nights ahead when we forget the big outdoors and concentrate on fiddling with decks of cards in the corner of a darkened room. Finally, those of you who are shocked at the absence of the Think Tank this time can relax in the knowledge that Jay Fortune's somewhat anarchic column will return, we just don't want to get too predictable.

Enjoy your read!

Maik Leveridge, Editor

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Thanks to: Juliana Chen, Clive Court, Chris Cox, Graham Jolley, John Thomson, Henning Koehlert

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Fundamentals of Magick

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