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Jumpin frogs


Jumpingfrogs Entertainment is now the preferred agency for the Royal Family with over twenty contracts in the last three years. Recently, magicians Lee Warren and John Danbury together with juggler Ian Marchant, had great pleasure in performing for Prince William and Prince Harry and their guests at Wembley Stadium at the Concert for Diana.


Following Derren Brown's new TV series being aired on Sci-Fi in the USA, here are a few quotes collected from the reviewers stateside!

• The New York Post's Linda Stasi says it's "mind blowing," Brown is a "charmer" and the show is "a hoot."

Magicians Etienne Pradier and Paul Martin also were invited to perform for the whole family at a very private event. Anne-Cecile who jointly runs Jumpingfrogs with Etienne Pradier said "We are delighted that the Royal Family constantly use us for all their events, it makes us very proud -who said that the English did not like the French!"

• The Boston Globe's Joanna Weiss revealingly admits she'd "probably let him take my wallet, too." She found Mind Control "a different sort of TV magic than what we've grown used to on this side of the pond." Sounds like a hit! We'll get you some viewing figures as soon as we can...

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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