Commercial Card Magic

by Wolfgang Riebe

Available from Price: £25.00

Wolfgang Riebe is a name that should be familiar to you all, as he was featured in magicseen recently.

Wolfgang has released a brand new teach-in dvd titled: Commercial Card Magic. Featured are 8 items that are suitable for a mix n mingle and close up environment. Wolfgang shares his ideas on his own routines, as well as on two standard items, FRED and OUT OF THIS WORLD where he gives them his own makeover.

There is one item on the dvd that is not strictly a card trick, in that it is not done with playing cards but with blank face cards, and it is a true beauty. Influenced by Steve Tucker, it is titled Blank Card Surprise and has a lovely personal touch that your spectator will remember for a long time after the performance.

This dvd is not aimed at the card beginner but at the intermediate and advanced card worker.

Double lifts, Ascanio spreads and the like are used and boy oh boy will you love his appearance of the fourth ace in his four ace assembly. If this is the only item you use from this dvd (it won't be!) you will be glad you made the purchase. JS

WHAT'S HOT: Very well produced;

crisp and clear, with good instructions too.

WHAT'S NOT: Not suitable for the beginner to card magic, but that's not a criticism!

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