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Improve your performances wiTH advice from: John Archer, Noei BriTTen, Noei QuaiTer, peTe Firman, wayne Dobson and iots more!

We thought you'd be interested in what a few top pros and writers had to say on the subject of performing comedy...and here are their thoughts!


WHars The FiRST THine you say when you approach a Taste?

"I know what you're thinking, hasn't he let himself go since Billie Piper dumped him". It's self effacing and it stops some arse from saying "doesn't he look like a fat Chris Evans", 15 seconds into my set.

Very few comedy magicians actually make me laugh out loud. However, I can honestly say I have nearly lost my bowels watching David Williamson with an honourable mention for Chad Long. In the UK I am fans of my friends Alan Hudson and John Archer who are both terrific. I don't bill myself as a comedy close up magician but I do concern myself with the comedic aspect of my close up performance. I don't sit and write scripts for new routines, I have a vague premise when I am bedding in the trick and I let it develop over time. Very often the audience will give you the lines. Leave the effect for a year or two and hopefully it comes out nicely. I do ad-lib of course, You get the best reactions and laughs by acting on what they are giving you.

3 Tips to cReaTe successful comedy maeic...

Don't use stock lines.

Understand the audiences perception of you and either play to it or oppose it strongly. Listen to the audience, don't just plough through your lines.

petes top Tips pete FiRman

1. Be Original - You don't have to come up with brand new tricks, but try and pick material that people aren't doing. I think The Vanishing Bandana/Banana is the worst trick I've ever seen, but loads of 'comedy' magicians do it. It's not even funny. The comedy should come from you, not a 'do it off the shelf' routine.

2. Do Strong Tricks - The danger with comedy magicians is that the tricks are weak, thrown away or exposed for a cheap laugh. If you are billed as a magician you need to fool people. John Archer and Mac King are two performers who make you laugh 'til you hurt and fool you badly.

3. Write Jokes - If you are serious about putting comedy in your act you are going to have to put as much, if not more, time into writing jokes as thinking up/rehearsing magic tricks. You will be a much better performer and gain more respect from your peers if you write your own stuff, instead of using 'stock' lines.

Johns wor»s of Wisdom


1. Try to be original in what you do. You have much more chance of surprising an audience if you do your own stuff. Agents and TV people generally know what gags are old or belong to other people, so you stand more chance of making an impact with your own material and style.

2. Gig lots and don't be afraid to die lots. It's inevitable when you start that you will have bad gigs but this is good, honest! Because by dying you slowly lose the fear of it. As a result, you go out feeling more confident (you have nothing to be scared of), and as a result of that the audience pick up on your confidence and feel relaxed with you, and as a result of that, you stop dying.

3. Edit yourself. Lots of people talk about the importance of having a director to look at your show. I think with comedy you need an editor and since that's not practical for every gig you need to edit yourself. Be honest and lose a line or change it if it isn't working. You can't afford to get attached to a line just because it felt funny when you came up with it, if it only gets a few laughs in the show. Also get rid of stuff between lines that isn't funny or required therefore bringing the laughs closer together.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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