Between The Lines

by Michael Murray

Available from Price: £14.99

Here's what it says on the tin! It has long been said that the strongest effects are those which happen in the hands of the spectator, what if the effect could take place in the spectator's mind? 'Between the Lines' combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines available to date!

Imagine handing a spectator a torn page from a random book. You then ask them to imagine a fictitious scene in their mind building it up piece by piece. The spectator is then instructed to read the page, which has been in their possession throughout. Imagine their reaction as it dawns on them that the printed page accurately describes the scene they had created in their mind moments earlier...well this is exactly what happens with 'Between the lines'.

The whole routine is based on the theme of psychometry -the ability to tell a lot about an object's owner and history just by touching it.

'Between the Lines' is an excellent new effect from Michael Murray and ticks all the right boxes. It's relatively easy to perform, although I should stress that you will need a fair amount of time to memorise the script supplied and the numerous subtleties involved - please don't think that you can perform this effect after reading the instruction booklet once!

The great thing, in my opinion, is that the spectator does everything. They are the ones describing everything, not you.

So what do you get for your money? Well, firstly you receive an excellently written and laid out 20 page booklet that runs you through both the routine itself and all the outs you may need. You also receive two identical torn pages that contain the storyline to the whole effect. Make sure that before you read the page, you run through and answer all the questions yourself. You'll be amazed at how closely they match the scene from the book!

The more you perform this effect the better it will become. I was a bit unsure myself the first time I tried it, but the reaction you get with it is unbelievable.

You can literally fold this up, pop it in your pocket, and away you go. I think the page itself will look even better the more it's used as it gets worn. However if this concerns you, for a small fee, replacement pages can be supplied by

Personally I would have preferred the page to be printed on the same paper stock as a paperback book, not the parchment it comes on, but that's just me.

If all that's not enough for you there's even an optional extras section in the booklet which offers you five more additional effects you can add on if you wish!

I think 'Between The Lines' is one of the strongest commercial effects I have seen in a long time and for the bargain price of just £14.99 I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see what Michael Murray comes up with next! PS

WHAT'S HOT: Fantastic idea. Astonishing results! WHAT'S NOT: Nothing really, other than the book page could have been printed on a better paper stock.


by Alan Rorrison

Available from Price: £14.99 each

Alan Rorrison may not be a name that many of you have heard of before, and that included me. But the guys at Big Blind Media are set to change that!

Fingers of Fury is a two DVD set, which includes 13 of Alan's best material from his own working repertoire.

Volume One - 'Weapons of Choice' is mainly close-up material and only contains one card trick and even that's NOT your standard pick a card trick. It's called 'Deep Impression'. A selected card slices into your arm like butter. This is a great routine and very believable. Next is '3 Shot Slammer' Alan's three phase routine with just a coin and a shot glass. If you are looking for something completely different then 'Relentless' could be for you. A spectator's coin visibly penetrates the screen of your mobile phone. This can also be applied to a torn off corner of a playing card.

Also on this first volume are 'Hells Bend', a coin bend with a great handling, 'Broken Home', a broken and restored spectator's key, 'Lightless Lights', flickering lights appear in your hands from nowhere. But my favourite of this first volume has to be 'Evolution'. You begin by drawing a portrait of your spectator on your business card - actually it's only a stick man. The back of the card is signed by the spectator. You then cover the head of the stick man and visibly move its head across the card where it stops and can be fully examined. This is a belter. I'll definitely be adding it to my repertoire.

Volume Two in contrast is purely card effects. Although there's nothing really new here, what there is are Alan's handlings of seven good, workable card effects - all of which use relatively easy sleights.

'JoKing' is a nice little sandwich routine with a kicker ending that should please many of you. If you want a fresh approach to the Torn & Restored Card plot then check out 'Whiteside and Pennman'. Also on this volume is 'Linker', 'Polterdeck', 'No Way' and '242' all of which are worth a look.

Both DVDs are filmed in typical BBM style - excellently filmed and edited together. Oddly enough, Alan performs all the routines to himself (in a hoody) using a bit of clever camera work, and as strange as it may sound, it actually works.

Another quality release from the Big Blind Media team and at a fantastic price too! Well done. PS

WHAT'S HOT: 13 good, useable effects from a rising star of magic. WHAT'S NOT: Nothing - other than if you're not into cards then Vol2 may not be of interest to you. STAR RATING: ****


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