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VVhat follows is an elaboration on the previous effect, Double Fantasy. Using the mysterious properties of two Jokers the performer makes two selected cards travel to two different pockets You will require a pack containing two identical Jokers.

1: Run through the pack and remove the two Jokers, placing the rest of the pack aside. Explain that the two Jokers will assist you later.

2: The left hand takes one Joker face-up and apparently places it into the left jacket pocket. In reality the Joker is retained in a Gambler's Cop and brought back out again. The right hand immediately places its Joker face-up square on top of the copped card so both appear as one. The right hand now takes the double and places it into the right-hand jacket pocket, back outwards.

3: Have two cards selected and signed. When they are returned control them to the bottom of the pack. Bottom Palm the two cards in the left hand. Personally, I prefer to use the Diagonal Palm Shift as described in The Expert at the Card Table by Erdnase. The pack is then placed on the table and the two spectators secure the pack by placing their forefingers on top.

4: Casually show the right hand empty and reach into the right jacket pocket, as the left hand goes, with the palmed cards, into the left jacket pocket. As soon as the left hand is inside the pocket, turn the two palmed cards around so they are backs out. Both hands now bring out one card each, leaving one behind in each pocket. The left hand holds a selection, the right hand a Joker.

5: Drop both cards face-down onto the table. The spectators will assume that both cards are the Jokers you showed earlier and you confirm this by telling them that the Jokers are also known as the Extractors and can extract any cards they wish from the pack, under any conditions. As you say this, casually show the first Joker, the right-hand card, then by means of the Mexican Turnover flip over the other card to apparently show a second Joker. Do not make a big deal out of this.

6: You are left at this stage holding a face-down card in the right hand with a face-up Joker on the table. Pick up the Joker with the left hand and place both cards back in their respective pockets, back outwards. The left hand card goes to the outside of the pocketed card and the right hand card is placed to the inside of the card already in that pocket.

7: Explain that the extractors are going to work and then remove the two outer cards from each pocket. These are the Jokers and you drop them face-up on the table. After a pause, slowly remove the two selections, dropping them face-down on the face-up Jokers. Have the cards named and then turn them over to conclude the effect.

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