ake a red-backed pack and, using a chisel-tipped permanent marker, mark the back of each card with a large cross that extends from corner to corner. You will also need two red double backers unmarked. Simply glue two cards face to face. To set the pack turn the top card face-up (it's best if this card is a Joker) and drop the two double backers on top.

1: Explain that you are going to use two cards of similar value and colour, two red Tens or two black Jacks for instance. Have someone name a pair. This is the reason that the reversed card should be a Joker. Let's assume that the two red Kings are chosen. Run through the pack and toss out the red Kings, ensuring that the backs are kept hidden. Hold the pack face-down in a dealing position with a left little finger break below the two double backers.

2: Pick up the red Kings and momentarily place them face-down on top of the pack. The right hand slides all the cards above the break to the right, with the exception of the top King. This King is held in place by pressure from the left thumb and a break retained below it by the left little finger. The right hand flips its three cards as one face-down onto the face-up King. It appears that you have placed the two Kings face to face.

3: The right hand picks off the top double backer and shows it on both sides. It appears to be the kissing Kings. Explain that apart from influencing the cards you can also influence the audience. Tell the spectator that he will not be able to separate the two Kings and then hand him the double backer. This, apart from being a mystery, gets a big laugh. Take the card back and flick it into the air. letting it hit the table when it descends.

4: At this point the left hand still holds a break below the top three cards. Pick up the double backer and hold it at the right long edge, right thumb on top, right fingers below and place it momentarily on top of the pack. The right fingers and thumb secure a hold on all the cards above the break as the left hand turns back up, taking the rest of the pack. This wrist turn keeps the marked cross on the top card hidden. The right thumb "pushes all the cards above the bottom face-up King to the left where they are picked up under the pack. Without pausing, both hands separate, turning palm up to reveal two face-up Kings. It appears that you have magically split the cards. The left hand deals its King onto the table and the right hand places its King beside it.

5: Obtain a break below the reversed Joker. Riffle the inner end of the pack with the right thumb, stopping near the middle and then undercut the lower half with the left hand, wrist-tum.ng to conceal the back of the packet. Place this half face-up on the table and transfer the upper halt to the left hand, retaining the break with the left little finger. Comment, 'Yes, that's about halj and half.

Pick up the face-up tabled half with the right hand, fingers at the front, thumb at the inner end,


• inn People Often accuse me of using my sleeves. In fact, they some,imes saying, 'Being a vagicM», of using marked cards.' Saying this, you casually bring both hands have the audacity to ^ brief time, all the cards above the break arc picked up below the together for a moment, uur g • has 5een made, the left hand turns and rubs the back of it, right-hand packet. As soon nacket on the table.

, ,, dnwlv turned over again to reveal a cross on the back of the top card. The left hand

^ X thumbTthe cards onto the table, in a wide spread, to show that every card is marked in immediately t hu t^s t he nd pacRet and rjbbon spread jt wjdely ^

the two double backers below the top card. Finally, turn over the two

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