Return of the Burglar

Th 1 and presentation for Brother John Hamman's excellent Elusive Burs]* his js another metnoa v ^ Hamman You will require, in addition to yourno^j routine from card which we'll assume to be the Four of Heans.

SeTthTpack Is folios'read,ng from the top: any Ace, red backed Four of Hearts, Ace. remainder of pack. Ace, Ace.

False shuffle maintaining top and bottom stocks without flashing the red backer. Remove a pen fro* your pocket and hand it to a spectator. Next, cut the pack in the hands obtaining a break between the halves as they come together. W^M

Fxecute a standard Riffle Force cutting the pack at the break and completing the cut. This restores the original set-up. The top card of the pack is the spectator's chosen (?) card. Execute a Double Turnover of the top card(s) to display the Four of Hearts. Request the spectator to sign the face of this card.

Double Turnover again then Double Cut the top three cards to the bottom of the pack. Get a new break above the bottom five cards of the pack with the left little finger. Talk about the Four of Heans representing an elusive burglar that the police are trying to arrest. Spread the cards from the left hand to the right and, maintaining your break, request another spectator to touch any four card> from spread. As each card is touched you out-jog it. ' ^^H

Once this is done, square the pack and execute the following variation of Charles Miller's Stnp Out Addition. The right hand holds the pack as the left hand strips out the four out-jogged cards, secretly adding beneath them the four Aces and Four of Hearts. Maintain a break between the two packets. W ithout pause, deposit the pack on the left-hand cards then re-take them with the right by the ¿::> and tap the lett long side of the pack against the left packet in a squaring gesture.

¡hi^;*6 f°ur indiffcrent cards above the left little finger break are stolen back under the pack in Wi I Resent0« ^ lhe pack fa<*-down in front of you. Explain that the four cards just chosen win represent suspects of the police. T M

^n? ^Card °f lve lCft-hand Packet and Quac*ruple Turnover to show the Four of H^ Quadruple iZoi ZZ ? f°r the The police followed him no-

^ Pack (see^Uustrarion h ** ** ~ ACC ~ face!down on the table, diagonally *

- "P4„TA°ce' I TrofHtm*- Tum «he triple face-down and deaMhe ^

No» Double Turr ' ***(P°Si,ion 2- «e illustration). The police followed*"

JJ^emlyflip,hennakardr^ " ^ Four of Heans. Turn the double face-down and u.«£

G«do„ Bruce, excelLTA"^ 'eft hand sh°«n2 it asa fourth Fourof Hearts. Tiu^ ^^••heou.e^^^ 'en Duph-Coun, moVe fr0= Pabular lum lhe double me doubletoa. nerigh,fingers on top, thumb below. Turn the right na . .

^ n Position. Immediately this occurs, the right first and second no.

clip the lower right corner of the card in the left hand and this card is drawn to the right as it flips the double card face-up into the left hand.

You have apparently shown four Four of Hearts. The face-down card in the right hand is deposited on the table in position 3.

Finally, the card in the left hand (really two cards) is flipped face-down, taken in the right hand and apparently deposited at position 4.

What really happens, however, is that the double card is taken by the right hand in Russell Barnhardt's Master Palm position and the right thumb presses out the top card of the double an Ace - on to the table at position 4. As soon as the Ace is tabled, the right hand opens flat (still palm down) during v. hich time the 4H is transferred to the Gambler's Flat Palm position.

All the suspects turned out to be accomplices. while the real burglar went underground. ' In a continuing action, the left hand flips the Ace at position 3 face-up, followed by the Ace at position 1 Meanwhile the right hand moves back and flips the Ace at position 2 face-up.

The left hand then crosses over and turns the Ace at position 4 face-up.

Finally, and as you say ". . . underground \ the right hand moves forward as the left hand moves back and anchors the left inner corner of the tabled pack. The right hand turns the pack face-up on the table, end for end with the inner end of the Four of Hearts slipping below and in line with the pack as the latter is turned over. It appears that the Four of Hearts was somehow at the bottom of the pack throughout. I believe that this load-in is Ed Mario's.

To finish the routine say. The burglar was later caught making his getaway, but he was caugh: red-handed.' In line with this statement, pick up the pack and turn it face-down executing a Turnover Pass anywhere in the centre. Spread the cards across the table, remove the odd-backed card and reveal it as the Four of Hearts.

T n, «.if working, commercial and very entertaining close-up routine which you win his is a virtually sel woricjj«^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ Deck (sometimes knQwn ^

Îndr/fuUWSSTnarv wallet and a jumbo card. The face of the jumbo card must not be duplicated Deck), a full-size oram^ y ^ ^^ deck. Glue the jumbo card face outward on the outside of the closed wallet (illustration 1). You may have to trim the card so that its edges do not project beyond the wallet's perimeter

N xt ribbon spread the Electric Deck facc-down in front of you and with a permanent black ink marker write any appropriate expletive boldly across the back of the spread (illustration 2). Obviouslv how strong the expletive is will depend on you and to whom you are performing.

Square up the Electric Deck and insert it into the zippered section of the wallet with the faces against the inside wall and place the wallet in your inside jacket pocket so that the jumbo card faces the body. With that done and an ordinary deck of cards to hand you will always be set for the routine.

Begin by forcing the card from the ordinary deck that corresponds to the jumbo card glued to the wallet. I use the Classic Force but any other force will suffice. The spectator is asked to remerabw the card and then replace it. He can replace it anywhere and the pack can be genuinely shuffled. Tab!; the pack and explain that in your wallet you have a card which matches the spectator's selection

Remove the wallet and open it out without exposing the jumbo card. I remove the wallet so that the jumbo card is facing me and then open the wallet so that the card will be facing the floor. Open the zipper, reach in with the right fingers and partially draw out the face card of the Electric Deck as v cu ask the spectator if this is his card (illustration 3) I

next cald "iTwl ^i™ gemly t0 the riSht and this automatically draw out and exposed Pull a Jn ' Ag3in thC rCP,y WiU bC Wo" ' jfl

(illustration 4), This^syouMl rsIU ^ ^ ^ ' ^ y°U Say this' draW °Ut thC ^ thejumbocard'isMiiiSen n ^ ^ WaHet- FliP the wallet dosed and drop it on the table so iW

you sure u »asn ; onenfT Underside. DisPlaylhe "bbon spread between your bands say e mc'ssagc on the back of The ca d'n Whe" he Say S no< turn th* ^ad ^ and P3"* it your pocket. This is your second U ^ ^ l0n8" C,OSe lhe SPread and ditCh ^ P

^Tc " V0UI '»^jackc pocket, this time with thejum»^

chmax- g you' of course, pretend not to be aware of it. That s u*

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