Double Fantasy

Two signed cards travel impossibly to two different pockets. This is a sort of combination of Francis Carlyle's Homing Card and Vernon's Travellers. Before starting, secretly place a card back outwards in your left jacket pocket.

1: Have two cards selected and signed by two spectators. Have the cards returned and control them to the top of the pack.

2: Palm off the top two cards in the right hand then place the pack on the table. Ask both spectators to place their forefingers on top.

3: Casually show the left hand empty as you go into the left jacket pocket. Immediately follow this by allowing the right to go into the right-hand jacket pocket. The left hand brings out the card from its pocket and the right hand brings out one card from the right-hand pocket, leaving one chosen card behind. Both hands drop their cards face-down on the table, right on top of left.

4: Explain that these are the two selections. Pick up the two cards and put them back into the pockets, top card going into the left pocket, the lower card into the right. They have therefore been returned to the opposite pockets from which they came. Explain that that was the easy bit, the difficult bit being to make them travel back to the pack.

5: After a suitable build up, slowly remove the selections, one from each pocket, keeping their backs to the audience and leaving the odd card behind in the right-hand pocket. Drop the cards face-down on the table. Have the selections named and turn over the tabled cards to conclude the routine.

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