Come Together

T. ■ 9 tmn.nnsition trick which I have found to be very effective for audiences due to the cEanness of h^dHng I must point ou, .ha, the effect is very elose to Roy Wa,ton's Oil and Queens.

although the presentation is different.

1- Ask the spectator if he knows what the eight most important cards in the pack are. Whatever his response is offer to show him the cards. With the faces of the cards towards you, transfer the following nine cards to the top of the pack so that from the top down the pack reads: King of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, King of Clubs, Queen of Spades, Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds and remainder of pack.

2 Hold the pack face-down. Spread the top eight cards and say that you will perform a trick using the eight most important cards of the pack. Square the group of cards against the left thumb and carry them off with the right hand from above, secretly lifting off one extra card below them with the right thumb. Place the rest of the pack aside.

3: Holding the packet of cards face-down in the left hand, you spread the top four cards into the right hand and table the remaining cards to the left. Turn the cards in your hand face-up and execute an Elmsley Ghost Count to show four Kings, as you say, 'The four Kings - the ruling cards of the pack.' The last counted is placed on the face of the packet. Turn the cards face-down and deal them out on the table in an imaginary square formation, as follows: Deal the top card down to the left then the next card face-down about four inches to the right and parallel to the first. The next card and the last card are dealt four inches below the second card dealt (see illustration).

4: Pick up the remaining cards from the table, turn them face-up and Elmsley Count to show four Queens, the last card counted going to the face as you say, 'Each Kin? has a wife.' Turn the Queens face-down and deal the top Queen (really the Ace of Spades) on top of the first Kins that vou dealt out in the square. This is the Ace of Hearts. Deal the next card, the Ace of Clubs, on top of the second card that you dealt out. Deal the next card, actually a Queen of Clubs, onto the third King. Drop the last two cards as one onto the final King - the one at the inner right corner (see illustration).

LSr Z f^ tW0 PardLs (really three) ^ the right inner corner, turn them face-up and casually now on he tW m 7 ^^ °f Qubs ~ t0 the rear of the Packet so the Queen of Diamonds is of carts ath^L fT" 1 e,3Ch Paif °f C3rds COnsists of a a"<* a Q^een. Replace the pair caSSnot*TturMh ^ and tUrn them face'uP ^show a King and a Queen, being shown C,r °rdCr'Turn them face-down and drop them on top of the two (?) cards just show four Queens^Place^h^^ °f four cards, and Elmsley Count them face-up say, 'The ladies alwavl Z* taf"down top of the main pack which is to one side, asy

- rem£"n t0S^er. leaving over here the Jour allow the spectator to ou to

- Jerry Sadowitz finish the sentence, saying, 'KingsAs he answers nick ..n th .

up all four cards and turn them over, executing an Finslcvr! T*? °Uter lcft corncr" Pick saying, 'The Kings and Queens are the molt ^^ ^ *nish by love to get in on the act. ' ' Cards ,n the Pack- but the Aces always

7: You can, if you wish, finish clean with all four Arec hv »aa-

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