Upwardly Mobile Iv

Phillip Young

This is PhilLi.p's addition to my Upwardly Mobl le 1 from issue #22. I will assume you have access to Lhe original to save space here. Ln Lhis, you show Lhe ambiLious card and use Lhe Lop change (or a double lift) Lo swiLch iL for an indifferent card.

Hand the indifferent card Lo Lhe spectator. Top palm the ambLtious card and use the Bluff Pass as described in Lhe above rouLine Lo have Lhe ambiLious card replaced. Execute Lhe visible rising sequence until Lhe card is apparenLly second or Lhird from Lhe Lop.

Now bring your righL hand wiLh Lhe palmed card over Lhe proLruding indit'ferenL card. Two Lhings happen at once here. The right hand deposits iLs card onto the top of Lhe pack ---

exLended by Lhe same amount as Lhe protruding card. At the same Lime, Lhe Left forefinger pulls Lhe proLruding indifferent card flush with the rest of Lhe pack. The righL hand moves away wiLh a f1 our i sh.

This addiLion Lo Lhe original gives Lhe illusion of Lhe AmbiLious card peneLraLing upward through Lhe Lop card of Lhe pack.

RegurgiLaLions. While 1 like Lhe above and use iL as described, 1 prefer iL as a follow-up, noL an addiLion Lo Lhe Upwardly Mobile. 1 Lell Lhem 1 am going Lo Lry Lo speed up Lhe peneLraLion. 1 use Tenkai Charlie from #22 Lo apparenLly place Lhe ambiLious card in Lhe middle of Lhe pack while acLually retaining it in Lhe righL hand.

I wave my righL hand over Lhe pack wiLh a flourish. During Lhis acLion, 1 release Lhe palmed card on Lop, leaving i L proLruding for Lhe same amount as Lhe card in Lhe middle. Simu1Laneously, 1 use my Left forefinger to puLL Lhe middle card flush wiLh Lhe pack.

You can geL Lhe same rise face up if you want Lo use (for example) Lhe Lwo red aces. Place one in face up in Lhe middLe of Lhe pack. IL should protrude only enough for the outer pip (the "A") Lo be seen. The other ace is palmed face up in the right hand. Execute Lhe above sequence and Lhe card will appear lo me LL mslanlly llirough Lhe deck, ending up on Lop. cards.


Steve Beam k / 11


Many of you may not know that at one time 1 was heavily into menLalism. 1 studied Corinda, Anneman, and all the classics. What bothered me as 1 journeyed through my mental period was that most of mentalism is not visual. 1 have always felt that magic and related arts should appeal to as many senses as possible. Mentalism routines always seemed to leave out the most important effect --- the visual effect.

You must understand that short of cutting someone's skull open to see their thoughts as they think them, it is difficult to make mentalism visually appealing. Until most performers are brain surgery certified, published tricks of this nature will be few and far between. (For tricks utilizing this principle and ways to obtain this certification, see the next Annual»)

All of this is what makes what I am about to describe so special. IL combines magic, mentalism, visual appeal, and humor into one entertaining routine which may be performed surrounded„

Effect. The mentalist asks for silence. He then requests a spectator to think of any number between one and one hundred. After being given several opportunities to change his mind, the spectator settles on a number»

The mentalist then introduces his assistant, "who has been kept backstage in a soundproof booth to keep from hearing the spectator's number." At this, the mentalist introduces his assistant, a beautiful white dove. The dove is perched on the menLalist's forefinger.

In a commanding fashion, the mentalist shouts, "Go!". At this, the bird immediately starts dropping. The mentalist counts the individual productions. He continues dropping until arriving at the chosen number.

Think about the effect for a moment. The spectators will at first think that you spent months training the dove to drop the required number of times. Or, they will think that you have spent weeks researching the exact amount to feed the dove to produce the desired effect, and the desired quantity. However, for either of these to be the true method, either you or the dove would have had to know the number which was chosen by the spectator weeks or months prior to the show. And since the spectator didn't make his choice until immediately prior to the reve lat ion,both of these guesses are discarded.

The Work. As in all mentalism, this requires a gimmick. You can make it up at your home or purchase one ready made from me. This is a utility device, one for which you will develop numerous uses. You have heard of ball droppers. This revolutionary new device is called a "dove dropper".

While it resembles an ear syringe with an enlarged opening (particularly Lhe one you receive from me) it is much more. 1 has been scientifically tested by Trapdoor International Laboratories to produce the exact size load the demanding dove-worker requires.

And, so nothing is left to chance, we have negotiated with Lhe Quacker OaLs Company Lo produce Lhe refills which have just Lhe righL feel ana consistency. Imagine the confidence you will exude as you work wiLh a quality product designed for days of inLense use.

To work Lhe device, iL is only necessary Lo palm it in Lhe same hand upon which Lhe dove is perched. GenLly apply pressure Lo Lhe ouLsLde of

Lhe dove dropper and a small amount of Lhe contents will drop Lo Lhe floor. Several small squeezes will produce Lhe effecL of separate (but equal) droppings. Since you know Lhe spectator's number, you have only to squeeze Lhe correct number of Limes.

But j what. happens if Lhe dove chooses geL inLo Lhe acL by producing

one of his own? What would you do then? If he times it so that it is in the middle of your counting, you just subtract one from your key number and continue squeezing and dropping. However, if he waits until you have reached the chosen number to put his two cents worth in, you have completely blown the trick.

For this, you need to order the deluxe model. Picture this effect. The dove drops one more than the chosen number. At this, the mentalist has apparently messed up (literally and figuratively). Not to be outdone, the magician snaps his fingers and the last one which dropped hops back up and into the bird. Victory from defeat. If nothing else, the audience will be astounded at the physical Logistics of what you have just accomplished.

To make this miracle possible, the deluxe model comes complete with a built-in reel. Attached to the reel, you have an imitation dropping. Drop this as one of your first droppings. It will rest on the floor. Nobody will see Lhe filament which connects the lmiLaLLon dropping to Lhe reel. Continue dropping Lhe real droppings Lo Lhe floor. If Lhe dove decides Lo donate Lo Lhe efforL afLer you have reached Lhe desired number, pause and deadpan a defeaLed look.

AfLer milking Lhe audience sufficienLly, snap Lhe fingers of your clean hand and release Lhe brake on Lhe reel. The imiLaLion dropping will immediaLely jump back up Lo Lhe hand and apparenLly back into Lhe dove. Once, Lhis broughL one spectator to Lhe conclusion LhaL he had witnessed genuine mentalism and he followed suiL wiLh Lhe bird afLer Lhe lasL producLion.

Many of you wiLh Lhe deluxe model may wish Lo use Lhis socko ending every Lime. For Lhis, you need Lo save Lhe phony dropping unLil you have reached Lhe number chosen by Lhe spectator. If Lhe dove has not yeL produced one of his own, you should shake him genLly as if frying Lo geL Lhe lasL biL of keLchup from a keLchup boLLle. This will assure LhaL if he has any inclinaLion, he will produce his conLribuLion now. You don'L want Lo drop Lwo more Lhan Lhe spectator's chosen number (unless you have the Double Whammy Deluxe version with two built-in reels).

After providing Lhe dove wiLh his opporLuniLy, drop Lhe imiLaLion dropping from Lhe hand. Bring Lhe Lrick to a conclusion as above.

Below you will find Lhe current price list for Lhe props lisLed above. Add Lo Lhe facL LhaL Lhe Lrick packs a Lremendous punch LhaL Lhere is none of Lhe usual elecLronic sLuff Lo worry abouL and you have Lrue value. NoLe also LhaL Lhe deluxe model comes wiLh a Devils Handkerchief Lowel which can be used Lo go south with the gimmick at Lhe conclusion of Lhe trick. Trust me. Nobody will question the innocent acLion of wiping your hands at Lhe conclusion of Lhe routine.

Trapdoor International

Summer 1988 Price LisL

Dove Dropper $850.00

Materials Only (make your own) $1.25

Deluxe Dove Dropper $1600.00

Double Whammy Deluxe Version.___$2890.00

OOP (Quart Size RefilLs) $47.50

Regurgi tat ions . 1 have used this on a few occasions with magicians. 1 use a Sony Walkman on a phony dove's head as the soundproof booth. When ready to take the headset off the bird, 1 tell the audience that 1 will cut the volume down. 1 mock turning a volume control button and the dove starts moving around hysterically. 1 grab for the volume control. "Whoops! Wrong way." Since they know the bird is phony anyway, this gets a lot of laughs.

Then, 1 ask him whether he heard the spectator's number. For his reply, 1 turn him side to side as if he is saying, "No".

This routine got its start with a gag 1 have seen several stage performers use. When holding a dove in their left hand, they would hold their right hand underneath. They would snap their righL fingers underneath. They would then release an egg which had been palmed in the left hand. 1 started doing this. 1 would then repeat, the second Lime having something other than an egg drop into my waiting right hand. For the right audience, this packed quite a comedic wallop.

Leftovers --- Continued from page 423

explained to them that they were in town to address the magicians' convention. Because of this selfless act, Boston area magicians will be able to increase their birthday party rates by at least 20 percent.

Following up on "Cased Coins" in this issue, Paul Sorrentino wanted me to mention that he has a similar idea for producing dice from a card case afLer removing the cards. He published this in John Mendoza's Mendoza Portfolio. Also, Lhat Steve Duscheck and Larry White produced a similar effect (Double Decker) a couple of years ago. Both were arrived at independently and Double Decker references some of Paul's thoughts on the subject.

Paul has another related idea using a fox lake card case. Picture this running gag. After doing a couple of card tricks, the magician picks up Lhe card case and reads it, "Did I tell you why these cards are called 'Fox Lake'

cards?" Upon receiving a negative answer, the magician pours a small amount of water from the case. This is repeated at various intervals throughout the performance.

The method is simple. It's a rectangular lota bowl which fits snugly inside the card case. A small amount of water pours from the case each time it is inverted. The only other reference 1 could find to Fox Lake in magic literature is the reference made in the Leftovers section of Issue #13 (pages 225 & 226) .

And before you think 1 have gone off the deep end, do not perform "Birdbrain" from this issue in front of real people. 1 have done it as written for a couple of magician friends and for a few parties in college thrown by close friends who were sick enough to appreciate such things. If you want to do it for real people, do what 1 do. Instead of the droppings, ask for a number between one and ten. Upon receiving it and using the soundproof room gag with the phony dove, 1 tell the dove to reveal the number. He hesitates. "Don't mind him. He's just a little chi cken."

Finally, the dove starts laying eggs. He stops when he has reached the desired number. If you ate the eggs, they would taste a little rubbery since they are latex production eggs. You have simply to palm a group of ten eggs and release the number desired. It would be easy to fingerpalm a dozen without fear of detection. This is funny and yet can be performed ar>ywhere.

As 1 have mentioned several times, one of the joys 1 get is reading the mail which accompanies the renewal checks. Some of them are really strange. Jim Hyams (who you will remember as "The Rat" from previous issues) did not enclose a note with his check. However, he did have a message. His check was made payable to, "The Crapdoor". 1 don't blame him. $25.00 is a lot to pay for five empty envelopes mailed to him over the next year.

Periodically Yours,

Steve Beam August 15, 1988

Leftovers --- Continued from page 424

profit from a crime." (Editor's note. It might be important here to distinguish between big crimes such as murder and small crimes such as reading a book without paying for it.)

While 1 am not suggesting such staunch tactics as these, this is America. If you can't be creative here, where can you be creative. (Let's see, 42 pages times five cents at the local photocopier... Or, do you think they might let you wheel one of those portable copiers into the bookstore?) 1 should add that this type of behavior may be acceptable for magic-related books. It is not acceptable with magic-related magazines.

A similar situation occurred on a recent late-night radio edition of Larry King Live. Larry's guest host, Jim Bohannon, had David Copperfield (the nonfiction one) as his guest. Jim, an ardent magic fan, was discussing some of David's close—up magic which included the cigarette through the quarter. He also talked about how badly he wanted to know how it was done. The next phone call was from an unidentified Charlotte magic dealer. He opened with, "After David did the cigarette through the quarter, there was a run on them at the magic shop and we could hardly keep them in stock." Only a magic dealer could manage a tacky but free advertisement on a national radio program.

Recently, 1 was watching a magician performing the rope penetration through the waist utilizing the Grandmother's

Correction. A small paragraph was left out of The Jogger on page 380 (#22) where the illustration is located. From your comments, most of you appear to have figured it out. Insert the following. Allow the top half to slide downward until it is flush with the outjogged card. Strip out the bottom (injogged) half and cut it to the top. The selection is now on the bottom of the deck. From here, follow the rest of the original instructions. You have executed a multiple shift with a single card.

Necklace principal. The magician had three people up on stage: his assistant, an overweight lady, and a young, slender, and attractive lady. During the routine, each of the ladies were holding on to various ends of the rope. At one point, the magician asked the larger lady if she would like to swap ends with the other lady. Without missing a beat, she snapped, "L certainly wouId!"

The IBM Convention in Boston was great. Most of the regional conventions last from Thursday afternoon until Saturday at midnight. 1 arrived in Boston on Thursday although the first event wasn't scheduled until Saturday evening. When Saturday night arrived, it dawned on me that if this were a regional convention, 1 would be saying my good-bys that night. Instead, 1 still had seventy-five percent of the convention ahead of me.

The days were great, but the late nights in the lobby were much better. The earliest 1 made it to bed was 4:30 but that was Thursday so it didn't The convention hadn't started a.m.

Your scribe was faithfully filming various contributions and you are in for a treat. 1 have some great material from Michael Gallo, Gary Plants, Harry Levine, Mark DeSouza, Paul Sorrentino, Jim Hyams, and many others which were the result of the sleepless nights. 1 don't want you to feel bad that you were lying there cozy in bed while 1 was suffering Christmas eyes (green and red) trying to obtain some outstanding material for you to read.

1 roomed with Jim Hyams and Paul Sorrentino at the Marriott. Wanting to see the tourist attractions, Jim and 1 agreed to meet at 1:30 on Thursday afternoon at the hotel. My flight arrived earlier than his, so 1 persuaded the front desk to let me in to his room. This took only some clever patter, a cute smile, a Visa card, and five pieces of picture identification.

1 patiently unpacked and waited for Jim until 7:30 when 1 checked my account on the television set. It said 1 was standing in a vacant room. "If this disagrees with your records, please call the front desk." My records did disagree and so 1 called. Upon Jim's arrival, they had placed him in a separate room where he waited for me.

I packed everything back in the suit cases and moved into his room and unpacked again. He had previously called maintenance four separate times to fix the air conditioner since it was almost 90 degrees in the room. We left, anticipating they would come to fix it while we were gone. When we got back, it was still not working, so we complained again.

Finally, at about midnight, the maintenance men arrived and "fixed" the air conditioner. As the air which it was producing was still causing my magicians wax to run, I called the front desk and told the clerk we wanted another room. She told me it was 1:30 a.m. and that there were no vacant rooms.

"What about room 2708?", I asked in my best Joseph Dunninger voice. "It's occupied", she replied with her best hotel wench attitude. "Well, who in the room.'

Beam is occupying 2708." "Well, this is Mr. Beam and I am moving from this room back to my room. I will explain it to you in the morning." So, I packed everything back up, moved, and unpacked for a third t ime.

The next morning Jim and I went down to explain the situation to the front desk. We might have had better luck if we had explained it to a person. When Paul arrived Friday afternoon, they kept him in the lobby for several hours even though his name was also on the reservat ion.

Paul should have taken it as a bad omen and gone back home. Two days later, he, John Kennedy, and Evert Chapman wound up stuck in one of the express elevators. Lacking any video games, they did close-up on the floor until they managed to escape.

No matter what I could say here regarding the hotel, it appears they have the last laugh. I know this now since I received my Visa bill yesterday. After paying Jim Hyams for my share of the room (and Jim paying the full $500 plus to the hotel) I received a bill for $200 from the Marriott. Now I know those were nice towels they had there, but $50.00 each? I'm anxiously waiting to see how this one turns out. I'll keep yon posted.

Hotel escalators were the primary mode of travel to and from the first four floors where all the events were held. Gary Plants and I were en route down to one of the events using Lhe escalator. Two elderly gentlemen were in front of me and I was in front of Gary. The escalator was filled with people behind us. When the two gentlemen stepped off the moving stairs at the botLom, Lhey didn'L move. They jusL sLood Lhere Lalking. There was no where Lo go. I rammed inLo Lhem, Gary inLo me, and multiple persons who we now know intimaLely rammed inLo us.

Then, all LhroughouL the convention, Gary, Evert, and I were looking for opportuniLies Lo recreate the pile up whenever we had a crowded escalator. It's amazing what grown men will stoop to for entertainment when deprived of sleep for long periods.

By the last night of the convention, lack of sleep had made me totally incoherent. Gary and I rode up and down in an elevator from 4:00 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. deciding which card tricks we were going to trade for card tricks of the other. (Mine were betLer Lhan his.) When Lhe lady who delivered the morning newspapers to. the rooms kept seeing us as she would go from floor to floor, I tried to explain to her thaL he and I were negoLiaLing. Only afLer she fled Lhe elevator and started using the stairs did I realize the implications of my statement.

Ann and Diane (Gary and Evert's wives) located a seafood restaurant just a short subway ride away which served whole lobsters for $13.50. The meal came complete with a huge plate full of fried shrimp and scallops. Suffice it to say that this restaurant is where I spent three of the happiest nights of my life.

Pardon a personal note to Bob McCalister regarding Lhe convention. Bob, both I and my tee shirt survived Doctor Magic.

Finally, I should add that I have increased the stature of magicians in the Boston area. Presidential hopefuls Dukakis and Bush were in the MarriotL on Wednesday and Thursday nighLs respecLively. They were addressing a convention of Priests. The whole area was buzzing with people wondering why they were both in Boston. I casually

Leftovers --- Continued on page 421

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