The Vanishing Elephant Circa One Million Years Bc

splits this half into quarters. One quarter is taken in each hand in position for a one hand fan which he promptly executes.

"If you forget the name, at least remember the initi dls••* * S • • • • • At this, the two fans are brought together to form an 'S' (from the spectators' view) which is placed to the left side of the table intact.

Immediately, he picks up the second half of the deck, executing two more one hand fans. These fans are held together to form a 'B'. This procedure which forms the second initial takes less than five seconds. This is placed on the table to the (magician's) right of the first initial.

"That's right. Just remember 'SB'", the magician states proudly. He pauses for a moment as he looks at the tabled initials. "Whoops!" Realizing that he has placed the letters backwards and that they form "BS" from the spectators' view point, he picks up the 'B' and moves it to the left side of the 'S'. "That's the way I was going to do it initially", the magician explains as he takes his bows.

The Work. Depending upon your initials, you may or may not be able to form a gag, but you can use a deck of cards to form your initials. I use two standard one hand fans to form the 'S'. They can also be used for other letters. However, for the 'B', I want more of a half circle effect. For this, I use the reverse fan described on page eighteen of Edward Love's Card Fantasies.

I cut the deck in two, and execute two of these fans simultaneously. The 'B* forms instantly and without the necessity of repositioning the fans.

Regurgitations. One of the biggest sleepers in magic is Jerry Andrus's Andrus Deals You In. Hidden within its 191 pages is one of my favorites -— "IOU". This is a series of shuffles which allow you to form the letters "I-0-U". After seeing Jerry perform this in 1975, I immediately altered it to produce my initials which I used for the abcve gag. Only later did it dawn on me that the fans were simpler and quicker. Consult that excellent book for the details --- either for the revelation of your initials, a selected card, or as written. This is one of my favorites. I hope you can't find a use for it.

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