The Drop Change

Steve Beam

This change originally appeared in my, Card Tricks From MounL Olympus (1979). Other uses laLer appeared in my Changing Of The Cards. 1 am describing it again here because it is a crucial element in 1 described next.


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Effect. returned Lo deals cards

A card is the deck.

selected an The magician onto the table face down. He turns one card face up as if it's the chosen card. It's not. In disgust, he drops the card to the tbled pile. As it drops, lL insLantly changes to the chosen card.

The Work. Have a card selected and replaced into the deck at a known number between ten and twenty. Hold Lhe deck face down in your lefL hand in dealing position. WiLh your rhight hand, Lake cards off the deck in Biddle position one at a time. Drop them face down inLo a hap-hazard pile on the table.

Continue to deal cards until you reach the card above the chosen card. Turn this card face up onto the deck. As you push this card over to take it, push both this card and the card beneath it so you can get a little finger break beneath the chosen card.

With the indifferent card squarely on Lop, lift both cards as one and hold it over Lhe tabled cards. The right hand's position is shown in the illustration. Pay particular attenLion

to the position of the right third finger. The second illustration is an exploded view of the fingers at this point. Look the spectator in the eye and

The Drop Change An exploded view of the fingers,

state confidently, "This is your card." He will reply that it is not. As soon as you have his eye contact, gently push the double card downward toward the tabled pile. As soon as it strikes the right third finger, the double card will flip over making it appear that it has changed into the chosen card.

To do this without misdirection as used in "Shattered", I do the drop onto the top of the pack. Take the double card and propel it smartly toward the deck. Let it go about eight to ten inches above the pack. You will get an instant and visual change which happens too quickly for the eye to follow. They can look right at it and not catch what is happening. The card appears to change in flight.

As described in Multiple Drop Change in The Changing of The Cards and in a moment in Shattered, you can use this sleight to change packets for packets or to apparently split one card into several. These two tricks are my favorite uses for the change.

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