The Blink Shrink

Tom Gagnon

This is Tom°s clever handling of Tom Mullica°s Future Spread from Harry Lorayne°s Best Of Friends (1932), Future Spread is reminiscent of my Quick Change which was in They Don°t Make Trapdoors Like They Used To... book (1977) which copped the top card of a tabled double underneath one of two fans held in the hands. Both changes are reminiscent of a change which was credited to Matthew Corin which was published In Genii in the early 70°s which used the hand for the steal.

What distinguishes Tom Mullica°s change from the others is that it is done on the offbeat. Tom Gagnon has taken advantage of this fact to change not only the card, but also the size of the card.

You will need a miniature card and a regular deck. We will assume the miniature is the five of clubs. From the face of the deck, the set up is: regular five of clubs, ten of clubs, miniature five of clubs, followed by the rest of the deck. Note that the ten is double the value of the five.

Hold the deck in position for the Hindu shuffle. Start the shuffle, pulling small groups of cards from the top of the right half into the palm up left hand. Ask a spectator to stop you when he is ready. When he calls stop, lift up Llltd right half to show the (original) bottom card. This is the standard Hindu Shuffle Force which forces the five of clubs. You can substitute other forces after you learn the routine.

The left fingers pull the forced card off the face of the right half onto the top of the left half. You should not see the face of the card. Place the right hand°s cards on the bottom of the left hand°s cards which are now held in dealing position.

Take the top card of the pack, the five, in the right hand and flash its face. Bury it in the middle of the pack. (Do not hold a break unless you need the practice.)

Use your left thumb to riffle down the left side of the pack. Turn over to top card. "You will see that your card has now risen to the top of the pack," They will tell you that the card on top is not their selection. "Well, as you noticed, my thumb went down the side of the pack... which sends your card down to the bottom. Replace the top card and turn the deck face up, taking it into the left hand in dealing position, "Your card was the ten of clubs?"

Upon receiving a negative reply, multiple push the top card and the miniature card beneath it over into the right hand. Take the two cards wi th the right thumb on top and the fingers underneath, Place them on the far right side of the close-up mat, with the long edges parallel to the right edge of the mat.

I might mention here thai: Tom drops the double to the table instead of placing it there. This actually takes less practice than placing it there and it more natural, also makes the haadling appear much

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