All of the people listed in the index have had some part in the publication of this magazine. It may have been a source of inspiration or a full blown routine. The format of this periodical lends itself well to numerous small contributions.

Even with this in mind, several contributors have produced at a rate so heavily, you would think they had a financial interest in the magazine other than their $25.00. John Riggs Wayne and Anne Kyzer, Dexter Cleveland, Henry Pettit, Phi Hip Young, Gary Hipp, Paul Sorrentino, Gary Plants, Jim Hyams, Evert Chapman, and Tom Gagnon have been great sounding boards for much of the material which has appeared here. Being an administrator by profession, I know that many times it is hard to be a sounding board without sounding bored.

For the past fifteen years, and especially for the past five, Dawn has prcwen to be patient and generous beyond belief. She has to watch more card tricks than my close-up mat and read more unintelligible scribblings than an archaeologist. With all of this, she seldom complains (except when trying to get a discount on her subscription).

Casey and Michelle (four and two respectively) are each sitting on a knee as I type this on "Daddy's 'pooter". I have to hit the backspace key about every third or fourth line to eliminate their contribution to the magazine.

Since resting on one's laurels sounds as painful as it is unproductive, I have been busy working on year six for the last six months. You won't believe some of the material which is already scheduled to appear here. The nice thing is that I feel that way at the conclusion of each year.

Steve Beam

October 31, 1988

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