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As this is the selected card, I conclude with, "Maybe I did make the right decision after all."

Obviously, the seven of hearts was forced. The letters which spell the card are glued on to the board --- not relying on magnetism at all. The other four letters remain on the board due to a small piece of metal which rests on the back of the board. The board itself is not magnetic. It is thin enough for a magnetic force to pass through it. By moving the small metal piece slightly with the aid of a thread, the magnetic letters drop to the floor at the desired moment.

If you can't create anything memorable by utilizing your name, try using your initials. A good example of this is the elaboration of Harry Lorayne's idea (from the September 1984 issue of Apocolypse) elaborated upon in the Leftovers section of issue #6 (page 104). Harry discovered that his initials ("HL") when inverted become an abbreviation for the seven of hearts ("7H"). Playing with the idea, I discovered that using my initials with a small 'b' (as in "Sb") when inverted form an abbreviation for the nine of spades ("9S").

I thought this was a freak of nature which was only able to be performed only by people who publish magic magazines┬╗ However, continuing in this vein led ire to the following chart:

Last Name



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