Lighten Up

This is a series of lines I have used for years when it was appropriate to work into routines involving parts of cars such as All Keyed Up (#3, page 47) or Keybender (#6, page 91). I begin the routine by telling the audience about my car.

"I have the world's only talking car. Other people have tried, but she only talks to me. Every tire I get in and push a button, she lights up and says, 'HI BEAM'. I thought this was just a fluke. But, one day I pushed a button on the floor board and she said, 'LO BEAM'. Being polite, I said 'Hello1' back to her."

This is a play on the words involved with my headlights. The message on many of the cars is "HI BEAM" and "LOW BEAM". Taking advantage of this, I originated the above.

You nave probably heard the old joke, "I'm so bright that my father calls me son". Well, I'm so bright, that my father calls me; 'Son Beam' ("sunbeam").

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