I am delighted to bring you this issue of Tom°s material. It was a pleasure to watch the stuff being performed and to write it up. It is all very practical as I have watched Tom perform all of the material. I would like to give you my favorites --- but most of them are my favorites. I know I will get the most use out of the thumbtip / coin stuff since that can be performed apparently impromptu. However, the work with the cards and coins will be hot items when I have a mat.

I have gotten to know Tom over the last year as we have worked on this issue. I hope you will get to know him and the way he attacks good, strong magic from reading this issue.

I would also like to thank him for the work he put into this issue. He provided a videotape for me to work from when writing up the card and coin material. Without that tape, this issue, or at least those tricks, would not exist in their current state.

During one of our many phone calls during which we discussed the tricks in this issue, I caught myself saying to Tom, "You wouldn°t believe how much effort went into illustrating some of the coin material." I immediately noticed a lack of sympathy --- at least a few seconds before I remembered that Tom is one of the premier illustrators of things magical around today.

I received my $9.95 "Magic Secrets Video" from General Mills a few days ago., It teaches twelve magic tricks as we'll as showing several illusions performed. It was interesting in that the rabbit production they taught was very similar in method to one of the methods they used to produce an assistant. I learned a few things too. For example, I didn°t know that you were supposed to use Honey Nut Cheerios in the rattle boxes. I have also thrown away all Genie Tubes and have replaced them with gimmicked cereal boxes.

Over all, the tape was a good vehicle for General Mills and were it not for the constant advertisements, it would have made a great gift for a young child who might want to get interested in magic. It will still make a nice gift. Only now, the parents and the child won°t believe the $39.95 price tag you were going to place on it before wrapping.

I have another note on Upwardly Mobile from the last issue. As there were two versions, this will be "Upwardly Mobile #3". Offer to demonstrate "the Ambitious card face up". Look up as you do the regular place in the middle and rise to the top bit. After they groan, offer to demonstrate it again with the ambitious card face up. Tilt it in as in Upwardly Mobile II, only this time, do it face up.

Execute the visible rise as explained in the last issue. When it approaches the top, let it sink flush with the deck. After a few more shakes, take the pack from above with the right hand. Gently shake the pack a few more times and then execute the Hugard One Hand Top Palm. This will cause the ambitious card to visibly appear face up on top of the pack.

Take the deck back in the left hand. You can use the right hand to flip the card face down again. As you do, deposit the palmed card on top of the pack and you are set up again with the ambitious card apparently on top, but actually second from the top. For a similar routine based on these moves, consult my They Don't Make Trapdoors Like They Used To... book (1977).

As I am writing this part of the issue, I am doing it from behind bl oodshot eyes. For the last decade or (Contimed on page 402)

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