You will be delighted to know that I do know the difference between the classic pass and the classic force. Confusing the two, in large print, on the cover of the last issue, has certainly been the highlight of my magical career. Be sure to check this year's Annual which will feature the article, "How To Practice The Classic Pass With Someone You Lcve". And speaking of someone you love, Miss Dwun, my proofreader, is currently looking for gainful employment.

Speaking of deals, consult the side of a box of Honey Nut Cheerios sometime in the near future. As a devotee of "The O's", you can imagine my delight when I saw an "Amazing Magic Secrets Video Offer" on the box. For just $9.9 5 and two UPC symbols (boxtops) you can learn 12 magic tricks from a "real magician". This "action packed 45 minute videotape" is a $39.95 value. I have ordered mine and I'll let you know.

Harry Blackstone, Jr. makes what seems to be a semi-regular appearance on a children's show called, "Square One". This is a clever show based upon mathematics. Harry did a mathematical trick with the four aces and a crystal (clear) die where one of the aces changed to a ten. The ten was arrived at by taking the number from an imaginary roll of the die and performing some mathematical operations on it to force the ten.

After performing the trick, he proceeded to explain it. He then made a quick exit, stopping short of the explanation of the false shuffles which located the aces and the KM Move which changed one of the aces to a ten. Surely this is interesting many of the youth in magic --- or irritating them to the point of violence.

Also currently being telecast is a commercial promoting Las Vegas. It features about two seconds of Sigfried & Roy sitting on a bench. I am trying to be impartial but I thought it was the best two seconds in the whole darn commercial(!) and you can quote me on that. (They will probably want to reprint their program to include this observation.)

CopperfieId X, The Bermuda Triangle, aired March 12th. It's too easy to criticize those magicians that are in the spotlight. The only complaint I have is that he missed an opportunity to really make the show's namesake topical. Picture how much more effective the Triangle Illusion would have been had David thought to perform it in the native garb ... Bermuda shorts.

For those of you who liked "Over The Top" in the last issue, you might consider springing the cards once. If the cascade is coirpared to a waterfall, springing, the cards could be compared to whitewater rafting. If so, turn the cards face up before springing them.

Since The Trapdoor is a part-time obsession, the Post Office has thrown me a curve. I process all of the orders for the magazine and related products on Saturday. Recently, all but two of the post offices in Raleigh have started closing on Saturdays. They are blaming it on deficit reduction (aka bad management). On the bright side, I guess it all e;ens out. For, while they decreased their service last month, they are increasing their rates this month.

For those of you who track such things, the magician on the ccver of The Bald Issue (#20) was Gary Jennings. Gary is a friend of Phillip Young's from Tulsa, Oklahoma who graciously posed for the soft-spoken, subtle photograph.

In the January 1988 issue of The New Tops, there is an excellent article by Stephen Minch titled, "On Writing Magic". In it, the author points out many of the shortfalls of authors of things magical. Included among these are

Leftovers is continued on page 383

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