Is only the second oneman of The Trapdoor the first being the John Riggs IssueI met Tom Gagnon

at Abbott fs in March of 1987. I filmed him doing so much original magic for inclusion in this magazine, that I suggested the possibility of another one man issue. I wouldn't have suggested this had I not been excited by the type of magic Tom does. You know him as the author of Sleightly Original,a book consisting mostly of visual and unique coin magic.He also produced a one-man Parade for the Linking Ring in 1977. You have probably seen more of his work than you realize, for it is he that illustrated The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings, two volumes of Fork Full of Appetizers, The Commercial Magic of J.C.Wagner, Volume 3 of the New York Magic Symposium series, and to date, two volumes of The Vernon Chronicles. If I would like to think that his magic contributions to The Linking Ring, The New Tops, Genii, Apocalypse, The Chronicles, Kaufman's Coin Magic, Mentzer1s Card Cavalcade Four, and The New Stars of Magic series were merely steps en route to today and his own Trapdoor Issue. While I would like to think this, a glance at the material in the publications above would show that each trick is capable of standing on its own. UBefore you start reading Tom's magic, let me tell you a little about him. He began magic as a youth, interested exclusively in stage magic. After his discharge from the Navy, he became involved with close-up. Since then, he has owned a magic shop, lectured, served as president of the Kokomo IBM ring, and amassed the credits listed above. He has worked for the Chrysler Corporation for eleven years and has been married to "wonderful" Carol for the past eighteen. Also high on his list of credits are two"fantastic grandchildren",

I have spent the last year obtaining and preparing the material you are about to read.

I hope you think as much of the material as Torn and I do. - SLB

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