Big Deal (Beam) 276

Bigger Secrets (Poundstone) 424

Bird Brain (Beam) 419

Biographical Rope, The (Beam) 27,66


Blackstone, Harry 228,384

Blank Impact (Begun 136

Blender (Ball) 325

Blindfold 339

Blink Shrink, The (Gagnon) 391

Bloor, John 66

Blowout (Sorrentino) 335

Bogart, Keith 242

Book tests 292

Bordner, Greg 293

Bottle fed 255

Bow Tie Mat (Berry) 153

Brainstorming 76

Brainwave Deck 85

Breather (Reeder) 322

Bryson, Rhett 340,361

Buff's Leaflets (Buff) 66

Business cards 47,317

Business Cards (Beam) 317

Business Merger (Bennett) 317

Catalogs 73

Calculators 104

Canaries .303

Cardboard Charades (Walton) 176

Card Cleavage (Beam) 373

Card Compression (Beam) 151,159

Card Fantasies (Lcve) 427

Card Magic of Lepaul, The (Lepaul)...146

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