The Thing Returns Again (Whitford)___238

The Thing - The Sequel (Harwood) 309

Thompson, J.G 82

Throw Up Mew e, The (Swoger) 185

Thumb tips 386,387,388

Tine Bomb, The (Strange) 121,436

Time Pieces (Beam) 297

Tips 4,19,437

Tipsy Production, The (Gagnon) 388

Tipsy Vanish, The (Gagnon) 387

Tomfoolery 221

Top Stock (Beam) 35

Topless (Lefler) 405

"'Touch' Retouched" Rehashed (Beam)...84

Transpo-1 (Beam) 61

Transpo-2 (Beam) 62

Travelling Toupee, The (Hyams) 344

Trick Brain, The (Fitzkee) 81

Trick That Cannot Be Printed, The

(Kyzer) 181

Trick With A Borrowed Dog (Hyams, Sorrentino, Plants, Chapman, Beam)

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