Drop In

Steve Beam

This is a quick transposiLion using Lhe Drop Change. IL appears Lo be fairly bold --- perhaps one reason 1 am enjoying iL so much. The oLher reason is LhaL i L's an eye-popper.

SLarL wiLh Lwo cards of conLrasLing appearance on Lhe Lop of Lhe pack. 1 will assume you have Lhe Lwo of diamonds on Lop and Lhe king of clubs second from the top. The deck is held in the left hand in dealing position.

Turn Lhe Lop card over, showing Lhe Lwo. As you push Lhe card over, arrange Lo push Lhe second card over slighLly also. Leave this card protruding slightly to the right while you display Lhe Lwo. This condition is not hidden from the audience.

After showing the two, openly slide it under the top card so that it is now the second card from the top. Square the deck., obtaining a little finger break beneath the top two cards.

Push the top card over and turn it face up onto the Lop of the pack. As soon as it falls flush with the two, pick up boLh cards as one in posiLion for Lhe Drop Change.

RepeaL Lhe posiLions for the benefiL of Lhe audience. The king is in your righL hand which is held abouL a fooL Lo Lhe righL of Lhe pack. The Lwo is apparenLly on Lop of Lhe pack. (Don'L use Lhe word "apparenLly" when discussing Lhe posiLion of Lhe Lwo.) 1L is acLually face down under Lhe face up king.

When ready for Lhe change, drop Lhe king on Lo Lhe deck, executing Lhe Drop Change in Lhe process. Take Lhe Lwo in Lhe righL hand and hold iL abouL a fooL Lo Lhe righL of Lhe pack. Don'L rush Lhe revelaLion of Lhe king.

SLaLe LhaL Lhe Lwo is now "over here" (gesLuring Lo your righL hand) and Lhe king is now on Lop of Lhe pack. Pause afLer making Lhis sLaLemenL. Then, using jusL your lefL hand, flip Lhe Lop card (Lhe king) over face up.

RegurgiLaLions. This has fooled several magicians. Since Lhey are noL familiar wiLh Lhe change, Lhe

LransposiLion seems impossible. I Lhink iL is parLly because Lhey think I am double lifting the first card 1 show and because it is Loo quick Lo trace back. XL's over before Lhey seLLle down Lo sLarL waLching it.

Separating the hands (and changed cards) immediately after Lhe change is crucial. Ten seconds later Lhey wilL swear Lhe hands never meL and LhaL Lhey saw Lhe visible change of a single card away from Lhe deck. By Lhe same Loken, do noL rush inLo Lhe change. The longer Lhe king is held separate from Lhe deck at Lhe sLarL, Lhe stronger Lhe relative positions of the cards are conveyed to the audience.

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