This is a strong visual penetration of a playing card through part of the deck. In effect, a card is peeked at. The magician takes another card and forcibly drops the card face up on to the top of the pack a few times. After this warm up, he proceeds to toss it one last time. The card vanishes, having penetrated through the deck. The magicians spreads the pack and the face up card is seen in the middle. "Would you like to see the card which stopped the card from going all the way through the deck and probably continuing through to my hand, burning a three inch hole through my hand --- a virtual 'China

Syndrome'? Yes? What was the name of your card? The five of hearts?" At this, the magician turns ewer the card immediately below the reversed card. It is the selection.

I didn't want to clog the description of the effect, but to make it more impressive, the magician has a card reversed on top of the pack. This gives the visual penetration concept more credence since the card being thrown has to penetrate through this card. In other words, there is no where to go. After throwing the card directly at the top of the pack, it vanishes and the top reversed card is still there. Is this a wonderful hobby, or what?

The Work. I'm going to give you one central method for accomplishing the effect. After describing this method, I will mention other variations you might want to explore. Before continuing, I will mention that all of them hinge on a mwe which you should have already learned. It is a utility move which I have already used in two other tricks in this sheet and have numerous other uses. If you learn it, you will have something which can be used in a wide variety of effects. The sleight in question is my Drop Change from the last issue (which the handy dandy index says was #24, page 414) .

Start with the deck set up as follows: two of spades on top, king of clubs second, king of spades third. In the middle of the pack, you have the two of clubs reversed and we will assume a five of hearts underneath that. The five is going to be forced, although it can be any indifferent card. You are holding a break beneath the five.

Hold the deck in your left hand in dealing position. Use your left thumb to riffle down the left outer corner asking the spectator to stop you at any time. Be careful not to flash the face up card. Wherever he calls stop, the right hand lifts all the cards abcwe the break and shows the bottom card of the top half to the spectators. Drop this half back on top and square the pack.

You are now ready for the penetration. Turn ewer the top card so that you can run through a few warm ups. Forcibly drop the deuce on to the top of the pack a few times --- emulating the actions of the Drop Change.

To make the change more visible, you are now going to reverse the king on top of the pack. This is the real reason you are doing this. Isn't the truth wonderful for a change?

Push the face up deuce over to the right with the left thumb. With your right hand, remove the second card from the top and turn it face up onto the deuce. As you do, obtain a left little finger break beneath the third card, the king of spades. Square the deck, securing the break beneath the top three cards with your right thumb.

Lift the top three cards in the right hand in Biddle position. Use your left thumb to drag the face up king of clubs onto the top of the pack. You are now in position for the drop change. You are apparently holding one card in your right hand, the deuce of clubs. Actually, the king of spades is back to back with the deuce. Toss the deuce toward the deck, allowing the card(s) to contact the right third finger. This causes the two cards to flip ewer en route to the deck. , They will land with the king of spades face up on top of the pack. The deuce is gone.

To further help with this illusion, immediately thumb ewer the king of spades and show the back. Accompany this with patter to the effect that the deuce went all the way through the king. Drop the king back on top of the pack face up.

"Even more impressive is the fact that the deuce penetrated through all of these cards." Execute a two hand fan, being careful not to fan the top three cards. They see the deuce of clubs reversed in the middle of the pack. Slide the deuce and the card beneath it (the five of hearts) out of the spread. Ask for the name of the selection and turn the five ewer.

Regurgitations. Many of you may not like the fact that the suits of both of the cards change during the process of this trick. The king is never questioned since it apparently never leaves their sight. The audience is too concerned with trying to decide where the deuce went. You iranediately provide that answer by showing them the deuce in the middle of the pack. Their thought processes at this point should center on how the deuce got there. They should not question the value of the card. In addition, the face of the reversed deuce is for the most part hidden by the other cards in the fan.

One solution to this which I have been using a lot lately to prcwide an extra card is to buy my decks of cards in pairs. I remove the one joker from each pack and place it in the other. This gives me two decks, each with matching jokers. One deck gets the two main jokers while the other gets the two "extra" jokers. This makes a good stranger or duplicate card since many card playing members of the audience realize that the jokers are not identical.

Another solution would to be to use two cards with odd colored backs. We will assume you have two blue backed (matching) jokers added to a red backed pack. Start with one face down in the middle of the deck. The other is on top of the pack with two face up indifferent cards beneath it. Force the card beneath the joker in the middle using the riffle force explained above.

Triple lift the top three cards in preparation for the drop change. Execute the change, causing the blue card to vanish. Immediately push the top card ewer as if looking for the blue backer. This exposes the face down red card second from the top. Be sure to flash the face to show that the top card is not also a joker. Replace the top card and execute a two hand fan. Be careful not to flash the face up card now third from the top.

This fan reveals the blue card in the middle. You may flip this card face up if you desire to further "prwe" it is the same card you dropped onto the deck. Ask for the name of the selected card and turn the card underneath the blue card face up.

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