Cased Coins

Paul Sorrentino

This is a head scratcher for the audience. You can present this in an offhand manner as if it's nothing special. Those who are paying attention will sit up and take notice.

In effect, the magician has the spectator remove a deck of cards from its case. He places the case back on the table. As an afterthought, he says that he also needs some coins. He opens the case again and dumps up to eight half dollars out from within.

Paul has several of versions of this which have previously seen the light of print. He uses a different gimmick for each different type of production. All of them are totally self-working and dependent upon a clever gimmick which is easy to make.

Required. You will need:

Plastic half dollar holder Several half dollars Blank playing card Sharp knife or saw

You can get the holder from a coin store. Assume you want to produce five half dollars from the case. Place the five coins in the case to measure how much of the case you are to cut off. Cut off all the unused case starting about a 16th of an inch above the five coins. If you are under 18, you should have some adult (non-magician) risk his fingers doing the cutting.

Now, if you will view the coin Lube from above, you are going to cut off one whole side of the tube. Do not cut off any of the bottom. This is shown in the illustration.

To prepare the case, locate the front of the case (the side with the half moon cut out of it). Trace the bottom of the tube on the face of the case and use a razor blade to cut the circle out of the case. Be careful as you are going to use both the circle and the case. When you finish cutting, glue the circle onto the bottom of the tube. Hake sure the part of the Lube where you removed Lhe side is facing upward. (See Lhe i1lusLraLion.)

Take Lhe blank card and insert it into the case. Have it rest against the front of the case. Use a pencil to trace Lhe half moon on Lhe back of Lhe cards. Now use a razor blade Lo cuL out Lhe half moon shape. WiLh the back of Lhe blank card laying against the inside front of Lhe case, the case appears empty.

Leave the card in the case. Position the top of the tube against the blank card through the hole in the case. Glue it in this position and you are finished.

You can load coins in the open tube from the outside of the case and you can put cards inside the case. Hold the case with the mouth toward the spectaLors and Lhe gimmicked side down. The gimmick rests on your left fingers, almosL in a fingerpalm position. Your thumb rests on the back of Lhe case.

Use your righL hand to open the case. Have the spectator remove the cards. Because of the half moon you cut out of Lhe blank card, he will not be able to grasp the gimmick. Because it is a blank faced card, the case will appear empty after he removes Lhe cards.

No moves are necessary here Lo load Lhe coins. You have simply Lo leL Lhe case come to rest on your left fingers which are flatLened out for this reason. This will allow the gimmick to slide elevator-style into the case.

You can buy some time by placing the case on the table for a moment before revealing Lhe coins. Or, you may choose jusL Lo dump Lhe coins ouL wiLh Lhe comment, "Here, don't forget the coins."

The Trapdoor Copyright 1988 by Steven L. Beam All Rights Reserved

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