Armchair Painter

There is another idea using the magician's name. While I haven't used it in almost ten years, I am toying with working it up again using the concepts explained in The Human Eraser from #4. It would be perfect for close-up work using a business card. It is basically an application of Norman Ashworth's idea from the May 1937 issue of The Jinx (#32) which I applied to my name.

I pick up a board and hold it with the face away from the audience. "I didn't always want to be a magician. When I was I child, I wanted to be..." At this, I turn the board around to face the audience. It is a child's magnetic chalk board with the following spelled out using the small magnetic plastic letters.


Then I placed the board aside ---

still in view. "But then I learned my first card trick and I was hooked. I would like to show you that very trick tonight." At this I have a card selected and replaced. Several attempts to find the card fail.

As I reach for the board, "Maybe I should have stuck with... STEVEN, THE ARTIST, Wait a minute." At this, I snap my fingers and the second, seventh, thirteenth, and fifteenth letters fall off the board to the floor lea; ing:

SEVEN HEARTS Actually, it leaves:

0 0

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