Here we take a basic idea belonging to Tom Sellers and add a transposition to the plot. The result is a very simple card trick that will play well with your audience.

Before commencing, get any Jack to the top of the deck. For this description, we will assume this to be the Jack of Spades.

1. Shuffle the deck retaining the Jack on top. Spread the cards and ask a spectator to remove a card. As the spectator is looking at his card, pick up the deck with your right hand in a Biddle Grip. Lift up about half the deck with your right first finger and Swing Cut this section over to the left (figure 1). Take this section into dealing position in the left hand (figure 2).

Ask the spectator to place his card on top of this section. It thus goes directly on top of the Jack of Spades. Drop the other half on top and square the deck. If you don't want to use the Swing

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