1. Spread the deck face down on the table then bring out your wallet. Take out the red-backed card, saying, "Most people think that I am a member of the famous Magic Circle in London. And, since I don't like to disappoint them, I always carry my membership card with me. Here it is. It might not look like much, but it is rather special. Let me give you a small demonstration." Drop the red card face down on top of the tabled spread to highlight the contrast in color. Scoop up the deck and hold it in face-down dealing position. Hand a pen to a spectator, whom we will refer to as spectator A.

2. Ask spectator A to sign his name across the back of the red card. Execute a Double Lift turning over the top two cards as one and leave them face up on top of the deck. It appears that the red-backed card is the Ten of Spades. Ask spectator A to sign his name across the face of this card, then turn both cards face down again. Look at the card then look at the spectator and say, "Well, it appears that I have just made you a member of the Magic Circle. I hope you know a few good magic tricks."

During a squaring action, use your right thumb to raise the inner end of the top three cards in readiness for the Vernon Depth Illusion, otherwise known as Tilt (figure 1). Slide off the red-backed card from the top of the deck and apparently insert it into the middle of the deck at the inner end. In reality, you slide the card into the break below the top two cards (figure 2). Push the card flush while squaring the deck, but retain a little finger break below the top three cards.

3. Turn to another spectator, spectator B, and ask him to take the pen from the other spectator. Execute a Triple Lift, turning over the three cards above the break as one onto the deck. Ask spectator B to sign his name across the face of this card. Flip the three cards face down again and ask the spectator to sign his name across the back of the card. Deal the top card face down onto the table in front of spectator B. Give the deck a cut then spread the cards across the table. The red-backed card shows near the middle.

4. Make a magical gesture as you say, "Of course the Magic Circle is a private club so the membership card is not transferable. Nor do they allow joint memberships. I am afraid that you are disqualified. Look." Slowly remove the red-backed card and turn it over to reveal the other spectator's signature on the face. Finally, ask the other spectator to turn his card over to reveal that his card too bears a joint signature!

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