Ace of Spades appears face up. There is a card concealed behind it. Use the edge of the double to lever the cards you just counted face up, then drop the double on top. Reach forward and flip over the card on the table to reveal a red card, saying, "As I said, it gets more and more interesting. Anyone care to gamble? Minimum bet is fifty dollars! No? Never mind. Keep watching anyway. "

Position Check: At this point you are holding four cards in your left hand. The top card is the Ace of Spades. The second card is the face-down Eight of Hearts. The third card is the face-up Seven of Diamonds. The bottom card is the face-up Seven of Hearts.

Phase Three

7. Buckle the bottom card, flip over the upper three as one, then deal the top card face down onto the table. Again, because of the order of the cards, there is a minimal discrepancy that goes unnoticed. Back spread the lower card of the remaining packet to display two reds. Pick up the red card from the table and insert it face down between them, saying, "This time I'll reverse the middle card." Square up the packet and turn it face down.

Take the packet in Biddle Grip again and wave it over the tabled card, saying, "It's more difficult this time because a card is reversed." Back spread the lower two cards to reveal that the Ace is now face up in the middle (figure 7). Remove the Ace from its position, place it face up on top of the packet, then turn over the card on the table to reveal a red card.

Final Phase

8. Say, "Look, I'll place the Ace on top of the deck. Now I'll cut the damn card into the middle. How's that?" Accompany these words by buckling the bottom card of the packet then flipping over the top three as one. This looks like you turned the Ace face down. Immediately pick off the top two cards as one and place them square on top of the deck. Finally, give the deck a complete cut.

Drop the two cards in your hand face down on top of the red card on the table, then pick up the packet placing it face up in your left hand. Deal the top red card onto the table where it remains face up. Turn your left hand palm down and pull off the top card (figure 8). Deal it face down on top of the face-up red card on the table. Turn your hand back again and deal the final card face up on top of all. The three cards should be in a spread condition (figure 9). As I carry out the foregoing deal, I say, "For the last time; red, red, red."

Spread the deck to reveal a solitary face up red card in the middle. Turn over the face-down card between the other two red cards to reveal the Ace, saying, "I'll bet you're glad you never took me up on my offer to gamble."

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