4. Give the Red Aces to the spectator and ask him to wave them over the deck. As he is doing this, say, "The Red Aces will now command the Black Aces to make an even more startling appearance but they will have a further surprise in store for all of us." Directing your gaze toward the first two spectators, continue, "What were the cards that you selected?" Once they both name their cards spread the deck across the table to reveal the two Black Aces face up in the middle with the two named selections caught between them (figure 3).

You remove the four Aces from the deck and lay them face up onto the table. You place the two Red Aces beside the Black Aces. A spectator cuts off a section of the deck and you offer him a choice of Aces. He might choose the Red Aces. You pick these up and insert the card he cut to face down between them. You place these cards onto the table. You place the two Black Aces face up on top of the face-down deck. The spectator gives the deck a complete cut to bury them. You now pick up the deck and wave it over the tabled sandwich three times. When you spread the deck, three face-down cards appear between the Black Aces. You turn over the selected card. This might be the King of Diamonds. The three mystery cards turn out to be the other three Kings.

Before you start, cull the four Kings to the top of the deck.

1. Spread through the deck and transfer the four Aces to the rear of the spread as you come to them. Turn each Ace face down as you transfer it. Close the spread and turn the deck face down. The four Aces will be face up on top.


2. Arrange the Aces so that the reds are on top of the blacks. As you do this, obtain a little finger break below the first face-down card, which is the fifth card down. Square up the Aces and lift off all five cards above the break with the right hand in Biddle Grip. Peel off the upper Red Ace with your left thumb (figure 1) and lever it face down onto the deck (figure 2). Repeat this with the other Red Ace then place the remainder of the packet squarely on top of the deck. The Braue Addition leaves the two Black Aces face up on top with a face-down King directly below them, (see End Notes).

3. Push over the two Black Aces to display them, saying, "I'm going to give you a choice in a moment between these two Black Aces.." In displaying the Aces, you push over the first facedown card and obtain a little finger break below it. Square the Aces, lift off all three cards above the break, and set the packet tightly squared onto the table. Make sure these cards are perfectly squared.

You now continue, saying, "...or these two Red Aces." Push over the top two cards and flip them face up onto the deck, catching a little finger break below the face-down card directly beneath them. Lift off all three cards above the break and place them tightly squared onto the table beside the first packet.

Position Check: Two packets are on the table. One consists of the two face-up Red Aces with a face-down King beneath. The other consists of two face-up Black Aces with a face-down King beneath. The other two Kings are on top of the deck you are holding.

4. Extend your hand toward a spectator and ask him to cut off a portion of the deck. Once he has done this, say, "I'm going to sandwich the card you have cut to between two of the Aces. Which should I useā€”the reds or the blacks?" Pick up the set of his choice from above with the right hand and place them momentarily on top of the cards in your hand. Without any pause, push off the two Aces into the right hand. Immediately, push over the top face-down card (figure 3) and insert it between the Aces (figure 4).

Raise your right hand, show the face of the selected card to the spectator, then drop the sandwich onto the table with the Aces face up.

5. Have the upper portion of the deck replaced onto the lower portion and obtain a little finger break below the top two cards. Pick up the other set of Aces from above in a Biddle Grip,

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