This appears to be a transposition between two cards. It is not quite a transposition. If, however, you were to ask the audience what the effect was, they would almost certainly say that two cards transposed.

This came about while playing with an effect belonging to my good friend, Gordon Bruce, called "Push-Over." Gordon's effect appears in his 1986 lecture notes, Half an Hour with Gordon Bruce. This may appear rather simplistic, but a trial will show how effective it really is.

You can work this completely impromptu. I, however, always ensure that the Ace of Spades is on top of the deck with the Nine of Diamonds second from the top. To further enhance the description, place the King of Hearts third from the top.

1. With the deck face down in dealing position ask a spectator to turn over the top card. Draw attention to this card, the Ace of Spades, then ask the spectator to turn it face down on top of the deck again. Execute your favorite false cut to apparently bury the Ace.

2. Look at the audience and obtain a break below the top three cards, as you say, "I will also select a card." Turn over the top three cards as one to reveal the King of Hearts, saying, "This will be my card, the King of Hearts." Turn the triple face down again onto the deck.

3. Deal the top card onto the table in front of the spectator, saying, "Remember, my card the King of Hearts goes here, under your protection."

Now place the deck face down onto the table in front of yourself. I set the deck about one foot diagonally away from the card (figure 1). This is not essential, but it looks better for what follows.

4. Reach down and remove the top card of the deck, saying, "We'll employ a neutral card. Ah! The Nine of Diamonds. That is known as 'The Curse of Scotland." Let's hope it's not a bad omen tonight."

Hold the Nine face up and tap it against the card lying in front of the spectator, saying, "If I tap my card, the King of Hearts, with the neutral card, then tap the top of the deck, a strange thing happens. Look!" At this, turn over the top card of the deck to reveal the King of Hearts. Allow this to register by waiting a couple of beats, then continue saying, "And if that is my card, what have you got?"

The spectator will need little encouragement to turn over the card lying before him to discover that it is now his card, the Ace of Spades.

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