5, Ask the spectator to pick up the "Mystic Card" and to wave it over the deck, while at the same time concentrating on the two cards that he freely selected. If other members of the audience were also remembering these cards (always a good thing), ask them to concentrate also.

Tell him to place the "Mystic Card" back onto that table then to pick up the deck. Tell him to deal the top card face up onto the table. Point out that the "Mystic Card" seems to have drawn another Two to the top. Next tell him to deal the top card face down on top of the face-up Two, overlapping it. He now deals the next card face up on top of the face-down card to reveal another Two spot. He deals the next card face down onto the previous card. He deals the final card face up on top of all to reveal the fourth Two. These five cards should be in a spread showing a layout of three face-up Twos (Hearts, Spades and Diamonds) with two face-down cards interlaced between them (figure 1).

Congratulate the spectator in his unique ability at controlling the "Mystic Card" Finally, have the names of the two selections announced. Invite the spectator to turn over the two face-down cards trapped between the three Twos. These are the selected cards.

You give the deck to a spectator and you never touch the cards again for the duration of the trick. The spectator shuffles the deck in any way he wants. He then counts off twenty cards from the top of the deck and discards the remainder. He looks at a card in the packet and remembers that card. You now make four statements about his card, to which he can either answer "yes" or "no." Each time he answers, he transfers a card from top to bottom for each letter in the reply word. You now say that you will name the card, and you ask the spectator if he believes that you will achieve this. He can answer "yes, no, or maybe." He spells his answer in the same manner by transferring cards. Finally, you announce, "I name your card Harry!" A bit of a let down you may think? Not really, because when the spectator spells the name Harry, he finds his thought-of card!

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