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Secrets Of The Ocean Breath

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

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New Silent Second Sight and Bank Note Test

Let us suppose we want the number 74. You begin the lady is breathing regularly and you give a deep breath to start her so that as you ask for perfect silence she can hear you, and as soon as she has heard your breath she begins to count her own from the very next breath and when she has breathed up to the seventh breath you again give another deep breath, (just long enough for her to hear you) which tells her that the number is 7, and she goes on counting from that seventh breath and you again stop her on the fourth breath, when she at once writes down on the slate or blackboard 74.

The H0udini Breath Control Method

Dave Allison forwarded It from Dr. George W Crane's column in the April 29 issue of the Daily (N.Y.) News. We quote, To-day I'll reveal Houdlni's secret of holding his breath more than four minutes. Pol-low the instructions. (A) Without preliminary deep breathing, inhale a single deep breath. Hold it as long as possible. Record the time. (Bl After resting a few minutes, rapidly inhale and exhale deeply for at least twelve times. Then hold the last deep breath as long as possible. Record the time. It should be at least 20 to 40 seconds longer than in (A). (C) Rest

Why You Say What You Do

Question Why do I use deep breathing exercises Answer You can use deep breathing to give your subject methods of relaxing you generally don't think about in the waking state. You also give your subject a method of getting feedback to your brain that the suggestions are taking effect.

Verbal Matching To Enhance Rapport

The friend can match the numerous trigger words by saying, That makes sense. I understand where you're coming from. It seems to me like it would be very liberating to be able to really let loose and express yourself to others. To be able to see the true beauty in things to the point where it takes your breath away is really a great treasure. I can see why you like painting so much.

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

Okay, here's the NLP drill Get yourself into a relaxed state by listening to the music or the sound of your own breathing. Buy a book on yoga -- they have some fantastic relaxation breathing techniques. Make sure you have the rubber band in place and have decided on how to snap it every time, (over or under). Once you're relaxed, you need to conjure up a very happy or powerful feeling from your past memories and relive it within your mind. This should be some kind of event or moment when you were swept with feelings of competence and power, as if you'd just won the Stanley Cup and are skating it around the rink held over your head with thousands of people cheering and your team mates surrounding you (what the hell, you won the Con Smythe too ). Not a hockey guy How about a spacewalk in the Shuttle payload bay Floating along and watching the Earth slip by Whatever you decide to use, you'll have to really get into the fantasy until you can feel the chills running up and down your spine....

Some Underlying Causes of Stage Fright and solutions

Warm up before the show - Just as athletes spend time preparing for an event by physical exercises, a magician should be no different. Spend time before every show preparing your body for the event. Try slow breathing exercises to calm your racing pulse, and just before you go on, try Paul's suggestion.

Development Exercises

Rhythmic breathing has been known to occultists of all ages as one of the important adjuncts of psychic phenomena, and its use in bringing about rapport relations is thoroughly understood by all practical occultists. Rhythmic breathing consists in the person breathing in slow measured regular rhythm. It may be acquired by counting the indrawn breath, the retained breath, and the outgoing breath, by regular beats like the ticking of a large clock. For instance, draw in your breath slowly, counting mentally according to the ticking of an imaginary large clock one- two- three- four. Then hold the breath, counting one- two. Then breathe out slowly one- two- three- four. The rule is that the indrawn breath should have the same number of counts as the outgoing breath, the held-breath taking up but one-half the counts of either of the others. The above count illustrates this matter.

Hypnotism And Kundalini

When all the motions of the body have become perfectly rhythmical, the body will have become, as it were, a gigantic battery of will. This is the true will power. This tremendous will is exactly what the Yogi wants. In this is the physical explanation of the importance of the breathing exercises of the Yogis. They bring about a rhythmic action in the body, and help us, through the respiratory centers, to control other centers. Thus the aim of Pranayma here is to arouse the coiled-up power in the muladhara, which is called the kundalini.

Andr Really

I think it's because of the deep breathing, and I tell them so. But you know what I also hint that if this were real magic it might have that kind of effect on them. And I'd just play around like that trying to go deeper and deeper. That's how it got started.

Street Magic

And what about Genii Does anybody really know when their subscription expired Of course not. When Bill changed the date and sent you a subscription invoice, you were so confused, you just sent in your check and cursed him under your breath. I see by my December issue which I received in February that he's getting ready to do it again. You will eventually stop when you realize that you have renewed six times in one year. Subscribe to The Trapdoor. We are never late. We don't date the magazines so that even if we were late, nobody would know. (And, did Bill and Bascom learn to spell at the same school Whatever happened to Genie )

THE iHummy Cheat

Using the Annemann switch of hands as was described in a poker hand trick last month, a completely new method of cheating at Rhummy is possible. It is strictly a high powered percentage method because you get TWICE THROUGH THE DECK ACTION ON ONE HAND How many times have you carefully built your hand to a fair point, and someone else has gone rhummy And haven't you cursed under your breath (No ) and wished you could have had just one more draw In this case, you actually keep the hand you've worked on, and keep right on working on it through the new deck. And if that isn't percentage heaven, nothing could be.

No 1 Lip Reading Test

Allow a spectator to make a free selection of one card from the set-cup pack. Cut the pack and sight the bottom card. Proceed to name the chosen card from it by pretended lip-reading with the tips of the fingers. Patter about the facility with which deaf people, by simply placing their fingertips to a person's lips, can understand what is being said and continue with 'Please whisper softly under your breath the name of your card and 1 will attempt to tell what you are saying by feeling your lips.' Place your fingertips to his lips and name the card.


Deep breathing is also a tried and tested method for reducing nerves. Breathe out deeply through your mouth and then in through your nose over and over again. This will fill your lungs with oxygen-rich air which gives you a feeling of euphoria and light-headedness. Many pros use these deep breathing exercises just before going on to reduce stress. Walking around and pacing also is fine and helps to work off some of the excess energy. So, do deep knee bends and jumping in place. Never be afraid of what someone may think of your backstage antics. Do not get stage fright about your anti-stage fright exercises.


Don't hold your breath but it may happen that one day the random numbers selected by spectators produce this sequence. If so, these extra combinations will work. This will happen rarely, however, so it's as well to put them as ideas far as performance is concerned. Of course, don't forget to remember that it's combinations not patterns that total the Magic Square Number.

The Convincer

Many more things are at play here as well. When I direct the group to breathe, I'm doing so very often at first. Their minds are at ease, they are relaxed and in altered states. Breathing deeply brings on mild hyperventilation and that in turn causes mild hallucinations, a deeper state of suggestibility, and begins to MAKE things happen. A good breathing technique is to breathe in deeply to the count of 4, hold the breath to the count of 4, exhale to the count of 4, and stay airless to the count of 4, as I touched upon earlier. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The Induction Script

Floating Assistant Hypnotized

Your subject is now completely relaxed in his or her chair and breathing deeply. To all outward appearances, the person looks to have just dozed off. But this person is not asleep-at least, not in the conventional sense of the word. The subject is hypnotized and even in the lightest stage of hypnosis, his or her willingness to accept your suggestions will be greatly increased.

The Magic Breath

A card having been freely chosen, noted, replaced and brought to the top, execute several shuffles keeping it there. Addressing the spectator you say, Have you a magic breath Well I will show you how to find out. If you have you can send your card to whatever position you please merely by breathing gently on the cards. Will you choose a number Nine Then just blow on the pack and think intently of that number as you blow. Spectator blows, turn your head away with a slight grimace. Your breath does not seem to be very magical, but I may be mistaken. Will you take the pack and count down to your number

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