DIRECTION of pull i a away from back of l\ hand

12. Right hand is held palm up and knife is placed across the Fingers. Hand is slowly tilted until almost vertical (Fig. 480) but knife does not fall. Secret lies in the bulge or ridge at base of blade. This ridge rests on little finger. Only knives of right shape and weight are suitable.

13. Knife is suspended as in Fig. 481. It is kept in place by pressure of First and fourth fingers working against pressure from second and third fingers. If a spectator seizes handle and pulls in direction of arrow, it will require considerable force to pull knife from your fingers. This gives a strong impression to others that blade is stuck to

fingers. See "Sphinx", Dec. 1951 for a handling COMMENTS AND ADDITIONS

attributed to Nate Leipzig of this and two similar variations.


14. Hold knife as in Fig. 482A, with bent wooden match resting on it as shown. Slight tremors of Date:

hand cause match to walk forward along tablecloth until it falls off end of blade. Wishbone, hairpin, etc., can be substituted for match.

Two joined matches (Fig. 482B) are more effective than single bent match. Match heads should touch table lightly.

15. Card location. Spectator inserts blade of knife into pack and notes card above it. As you lift upper half, note reflection on knife blade of card's index.

16. Fork is placed on knife as in Fig. 483. Adjust fork until knife balances on the rim at base of blade. Knife will now spin on table like a carnival spindle. See my booklet "Over the Coffee Cups" for a card effect in which this spinning knife is used (like the wind-up bird) for locating selected card when deck is spread in a complete circle


(a) s/hgie match bsnt and placed on knife as show*/. (3) 7wo matches. tapcrco end of one inserted /hsl/t made M/ENO or SECOND MATCH.

483 porn knife

483 porn knife around knife.

17. A way to disclose selected card when it is in a row of cards on table (or which inverted cup covers an object, and all similar effects) is to balance knife on index finger (Fig. 484). Hand moves slowly along the row. When desired spot is reached, the blade dips mysteriously downward. Caused by an imperceptible forward rotation of hand.

18. Knife is rolled in cloth napkin by seated magician. When unrolled, knife has vanished. It is lapped by tilting rolled napkin, allowing knife to slide out.

19. Cloth napkin is draped over left arm (Fig. 485). Right hand holds knife as shown. Place knife behind cloth. Appear to put point of knife at spot "A" and lift napkin from left arm. Actually, as soon as knife is hidden, drop it down left sleeve. Extend right index finger, placing tip at point "A". Lift napkin from left hand with tip of finger.

Left hand now pretends to grasp point of knife through the cloth. Right hand emerges and takes a corner of napkin. Release center of cloth with left hand and shake hank open to show knife is gone.

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