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15. Wooden match, bent in form of "V" supports coin over neck of bottle. To get coin in bottle without touching anything: Let drop of water fall on vertex of "V". Will cause match to open to wider angle, releasing coin.

16. Three coke bottles are arranged as shown (Fig. 43). A match is supported between the two upright ones. Problem: To remove the horizontal bottle without dislodging match. Light match with another one, blow out quickly. Head will stick to glass, so bottles can be separated without match falling.

17. Bottle is on side, with small piece of cork resting inside neck. Problem: To blow cork into bottle. Solution: Blow gently through soda straw, otherwise cork blows back in your face.

18. To lift bottle with soda straw, bend straw as shown (Fig. 44).

19. To empty bottle without removing cork, push cork into bottle.

20. To remove piece of cork floating on liquid inside of bottle, blow into bottle.

21. To crawl into a bottle: Go out of room, then crawl in on hands and knees. You are crawling in - to the bottle!

22. To remove a cork that has been wedged into neck of bottle containing liquid. Wrap towel over bottom, and strike bottom (of bottle) repeatedly against wall.

23. Large neck bottle is upside down over a small ball or marble. Problem: To move bottle and ball from one table to another without touching any

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thing but bottle. Bottle is given circular motion, causing ball to roll around inside, and is transferred while ball is kept rolling.

24. To drink from a bottle without opening it. Bottle must be type with deep hollow at bottom. Invert, pour water in hollow, drink it.

25. Blow cigarette smoke into empty whisky bottle (using straw or rolled paper). Problem: To get smoke out of bottle in one second, without touching bottle. Drop burning match in bottle. Smoke vanishes with small explosion. Note: There must be small quantity of whisky remaining in bottle. Before trick, warm bottle with hands to create alcoholic fumes.

To conceal secret, Ted Bohmann suggests using coke bottle into which a bit of scotch has been secretly poured. For repeat, put thumb over bottle and invert. Small amount of scotch left in bottle will coat inner walls. This time, after bottle is filled with smoke, hold flame to neck of bottle. Smoke slowly vanishes from top down.

26. Bottle is upside down and balanced on a coin. To remove coin, strike it with flat blade of table knife, passing blade under bottle, or pound table until bottle slides off coin.

27. Bottle is upside down on end of dollar bill. Coin is placed on bottom of bottle. Problem: To remove bill without dislodging coin or touching bottle. There are three methods. (1) Jerk bill out quickly. (2) Roll bill against bottle, the roll pushing bottle off. (3) One hand pulls on bill while other pounds table near bottle.

28. Imperforated nipple for baby bottle is fastened over mouth of filled coke bottle. Problem: To get all the coke out of bottle without removing nipple. Shake bottle vigorously. Nipple will expand enough to hold the liquid. Perforated nipple can be used by plugging holes with pins. Nipple should be tied firmly to neck of bottle.

29. A bottle is balanced upside down on top of another (Fig. 45), with a bill between the mouths. Coin rests on top of upper bottle. Problem: To remove bill without dislodging coin. Hold end of

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bill with one hand, strike center of bill with index COMMENTS AND ADDITIONS finger of other.

30. Wooden sewing hoop stands on neck of bottle. Source:

Pea is placed on top of hoop directly over top of bottle. Performer demonstrates how easily hoop Date:

can be knocked aside with forefinger, the pea falling into bottle, but when spectator tries, pea flies across room. Secret: Place extended forefinger against outside of hoop as though you intend to strike that spot, explaining that hoop must be struck exactly at midpoint of side, not too high, not too low. Swing arm in wide arc. As forefinger reaches hoop, secretly bend it so it misses edge of hoop, immediately straighten finger so that tip strikes other side of hoop on the inside. The illusion is that finger hit hoop on outside, but if this is done it sends pea flying. A string tied to hoop and held by spectator prevents hoop from sailing across room, makes it easy to retrieve.

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