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an ancient one, long popular with ventriloquists.

Edgar Bergen used it for a vent routine in one of

Disney's movies. Using a specially prepared glove, which forms the head of a rabbit, the stunt is the basis of Jay Marshall's well known act with

Senor Wences, the Spanish ventriloquist, also makes good use of this type of hand puppet. His puppet "drinks" wine (gurgling sounds), sticks out its tongue (done with thumb of other hand), and puffs a cigarette (by squeezing left hand). There is a section on the puppet in Professor Hoffmann's "Drawing Room Amusements" (1883), p. 182.

53. An amusing imitation of two talking ostriches can be done by pushing each thumb between second and third fingers, and holding the hands as shown in Fig. 305.

53a. An amusing thumb puppet, featured by Lloyd Thaxton on a 1965 television show, is made by putting a thimble on left thumb, to serve as a hat, inking eyes and nose below thimble on the front side of tip of thumb, then drawing a circular mouth over the crease of the thumb. By bending thumb, the mouth opens and closes. The thumb sang a song as a recording provided the singing. Whenever a chorus of female voices came on, the hand opened to disclose similar faces on the tips of the four fingers, with mouths that also opened and shut as tips of fingers were bent.

Puzzles and Betchas

54. Fig. 306 pictures a curious method of interweaving the fingers. When you show this, few are able to duplicate it with their own hands, even though they study your fingers carefully. An easy way to learn the position is to start with fingers criss-crossed as in Fig. 307. Bring the hands to the position of Fig. 307-A by moving the index and little fingers outward, as shown. Now, place the tips of the index fingers against the tips of the crossed middle fingers. The tips of the pinkies are touched to the tips of the crossed ring fingers. The thumbs touch each other. And there you have it.

55. An ancient children's stunt. Performer mows his hand through the air in a large circle while he recites, "The moon is as round as a cheese." He continues with, "two eyes, a nose, and a mouth," the hand making gestures within the imaginary circle to indicate spots for the eyes, nose and mouth. Spectators are challenged to imitate this ritual exactly. Usually, no one succeeds, even though performer repeats it many times. Secret: left hand is used for the circle and gestures. Spectators seldom notice this, and use right hand instead.

56. Problem: put left hand where right is unable to touch it. Left hand is placed on right elbow.

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