ing match to make a quick half-rotation. The rotation swings the ├▒ame through such a wide arc that it snuffs it out. Another presentation: light cigarette, then take it in left hand and blow on it, at same time causing match in right hand to go out.

6. Light two paper matches and hold one in each hand. Left match is horizontal, right match vertical. Blow out left match. Immediately bring other match over to it, touching its end to the head of extinguished match (Fig. 537). Match in left hand will relight, apparently from lower end of burning match! Actually, a wisp of smoke from left match rises past flame of other match, and the flame jumps quickly down the smoke to relight lower match. Air must be quiet in the room and left hand should remain completely stationary throughout. Right hand brings burning match over to left, not vice versa.

7. Bert Allerton thought of combining the last two principles into a startling effect. Each hand holds a burning match (Fig. 538). Right hand match has been secretly bent. By snapping it as explained in No. 5 above, it will go out suddenly, then just as mysteriously relight as the flame of upper match jumps invisibly down the rising smoke.

8. Joe Tershay, of San Francisco, discovered this ingenious method of making a match appear to light twice. Two matches are held as in Fig. 539-A.

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